Install Apps from SD Card

Installing apps from SD card was introduced in Windows Phone 8. This was to make it easier for users who did not have access to WIFI all the time and downloading big apps which sized more than 20 or 40 MB is not possible.

While it worked, it had its own problem. The option “SD Card” as per users complaints, many a times, did not show up in the store. We talked about this here.

This has just got easier and better in Windows Phone 8.1 and all those out with SD card would be impressed.

My Local Apps option in Windows Phone 8.1 Store

You can Install Apps from Phone Storage  & SD Card Both:

In Windows Phone 8, the app installation was restricted to SD card. Windows Phone help clearly states that

“If you download the .XAP file to a location other than an SD card supported by your phone, you’ll need to move or copy the file to an SD card to install it on your phone”

Note: An exception was there for companies and they could do it by installing their certificates.

Starting with Windows Phone 8.1, now it is possible to install XAP file placed anywhere. You can have it on your SD card or on  phone storage, it doesn’t matter any more. It’s a good move because if you are running low on SD, you can always use phone storage for this.  And all the Lumia users not having an SD card, time to smile!!

Install Local Apps in Windows Phone 8.1

Video Demo:

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Below are the steps:

  • Download the app from Windows Phone store. That would be a XAP file and the option is available on every app page, bottom right.
  • Connect your phone to your PC using the data cable.
  • Copy the app to SD card or Phone storage.
  • Unplug and open the Windows Phone Store.
  • Now tap on the menu bar and a new option will be available, Install Local Apps.
  • Tap on this and it will let you install right away.
  • Installing multiple apps is also possible.

While it remains all same, the pain to get the OS detect that there is a XAP on SD card or phone storage is is gone now. I tried it all day and every app was detected instantly. Now, you don’t need to refresh your phone over and over again.

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