Important things you need to know about WhatsApp check marks

WhatsApp check marks – Recently WhatsApp introduced the new featured that showed check marks next to messages to indicate the status of the message which the sender able to know if the message has been sent, delivered or read already. But many people apparently not aware of this feature  and conversely,for those who already know, sometime they don’t want to have the feature that the message has been read.

How Whatsapp works ?

WhatsApp is using a ‘store and forward’ mechanism for exchanging messages between two users. When a user sends a message, the message firstly travels to the WhatsApp server where it is stored. Then the server repeatedly requests the receiver acknowledge receipt of the message.As soon as the message is acknowledged, the server removes the message which means the message is no longer available in database of server. Whatsapp server keeps the message only for 30 days in its database when it is not delivered to the receiver (when the receiver is not active on WhatsApp for 30 days).

WhatsApp check marks and meaning

The 4 states in whatsapp status message :

  1.      The Clock Icon – means the message has not yet left your mobile device. Right after you send the message on whatsapp, sometime you may see a clock icon at the next of the message (Note: if you have fast network connection, the clock icon may not appear).  The clock icon means that the application is trying to send the message to the server of Whatsapp. For the most cases, this happens due to Internet connection issue or the network connection is slow.  Sometimes the clock icon keep appear and refuse to go away. It simply indicate that something is wrong somewhere in the network connection. If the clock icon keep appear for quite some time, you should check your internet connection. as soon as the message reach to the server, the clock icon will turn into one tick.
  2.     One tick – means message is sent (to the Whatsapp server) but still not delivered. At this state, the message has moved from your mobile device to the server. And now it is the server’s turn to deliver the message to the recipient. After the message delivered to the recipient, it turn to double grey ticks. If your message is stuck with this one grey tick, there are several reasons : * Recipient’s device is switched off * Recipient’s device is offline (no internet connection) * He/she might have already blocked you (READ ALSO: How to check if someone blocked you on whatsapp)
  3.   double grey ticks – means message is sent & delivered to the recipient’s phone. Now in this state, the message has reached the recipient’s device or mobile but this doesn’t mean that the receiver has read it. It’s just tell that the message already in its destination like a letter in the mail box. Once the recipient read the message, the check mark color changes become blue. If your message is stuck with this double grey ticks, this means : * Recipient may not have opened your message * Recipient might have disabled internet connection (or having connection issues) or switched off the phone since the message has been delivered * Recipient might have disabled Read receipts in WhatsApp’s privacy settings * Recipient has an outdated version of WhatsApp
  4.    double blue ticks – means the recipient has read your message. This double blue ticks mark clarifies that the message has been displayed on the receiver’s device and he/she might have read it. However, this blue check marks also doesn’t necessarily means he/she did read your message, because they might leave the device having the WhatsApp open. (read also: How to read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing)
Whatsapp check marks

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