How We Work

We are not just another WhatsApp Channels Provider. We are better. May be the best of all. (Proudly!)

We have highly secure, robust & safe method in place in order to generate our WhatsApp channels.

All our channels come with Security Code and all the jazz, BUT we do something else that NO ONE else in the market offers at the moment.

We BUY local SIM Cards in bulk quantity in order to generate these channels.

You see all the other WhatsApp channels provider are either using some free mobile application such as Text Plus or other means of generating Free Virtual Numbers. These virtual numbers are then used on WhatsApp to get the confirmation code. And then they are provided to you once the registration is done.


You see since all the channels provider register these WhatsApp channels from a free service. All the other providers DO the same. They go out and then re-register these WhatsApp channel. So, even though your numbers will continue working for few days. But, after a couple of days or week. You will see that all these WhatsApp channels are giving login errors. Chances are that these same channels are registered by some other vendor (or even the same vendor) who is selling WhatsApp Channels.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just lost all your hard earned money. And lost all the channels at the same time.

If you buy any WhatsApp channels from us. We will generate these WhatsApp channels using physical SIM Cards. We buy these physical SIM cards in bulk quantity. And then, we pre-pay for these numbers for atleast 6 months validity. These SIM cards are then stored safely. And made sure that don’t get deactivated for the next 6 months. Since, these SIM cards are never resold early. Nor ever used again for WhatsApp registration. Nor do you have the chance that these channels will be stolen (Security Code Protected!). And nor will they have any login error issue.

We provide you with 30 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Replacement Guarantee.

If anyone of your channels is giving Login Failed error. Let us know within 30 days of buying the channels and we will provide you replacement with new channels.

Note: once sold, we don’t take any guarantee if they get blocked after using. It is a sole discretion of WhatsApp and depends on your usage.

Even though we will give you the best guidelines to keep these channels safe & provide you guidence after the purchase on how to best use these WhatsApp channels no matter which software you use to market using these WhatsApp channels.

Our WhatsApp Channels Pricing…

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