How to Use whatsapp without phone Number

In this guide, i will describe you to ‘ How to Use whatsapp without phone Number’. This trick is quick and easy to follow by anybody. So how you can use whatsapp without your SIM card and phone number. This guide is to use whatsapp without sharing your mobile phone number. Lets began to install whatsapp without phone number or SIM. Remember it is possible to register or use whatsapp without SIM card.

[Note – Remove previous Whatsapp version from your phone].

Method 1

Tricks and Steps to Use whatsapp without any phone Number

Step 1 – While installing the Whatsapp messenger App, it need your phone number verification. So switch your phone to flight or Airplane mode before installation.

Step 2 – Now download Whatsapp from play store or open the downloaded .Apk file and installed the whatsapp App and enter your phone number. But it’s in the Airplane mode so, it’s not going to  complete validation process instead, it will asks you to complete validation process in alternate way, through SMS and enter your valid e-Mail address.

Step 3 – Click submit button and immediately tap on cancel option. Then your Whatsapp authorization process ends immediately.

Step 4 – Now download and install the ‘spoof messages’ App from Google play store. After installing spoof messaging app, open it and enter some details like this.


To: +335201238298

From: +[ Your Country code][ Phone number ]

Message: Your email address


Step 5 – Then the time comes when Whatsapp verifies you.

Finally, you can now start using whatsapp without any hassle.

Method 2

Step 1 – Download the App named Voxox and register.

Download VOXOX

Use whatsapp without phone Number

Step 2 – Once you register with this App they will provide you a number. This App [Voxox] offers you a united states number.

Step 4 – Once you have installed this Application, then they will provide a unique number to you. Your country must be set to United States.

Now Step 5 – Write or note that number in your note book or in the text file, as to remember the number offered by Voxox.

Step 6 – Conform the number in Voxox and they will send you a conformation message saying your whatsapp code is 786-984 or something like that.

Step 7 – Open your Whatsapp and type those numbers in the text filed.

Your whatsapp is now conformed.

Supports iOS and android

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