How To Use WhatsApp Web On Microsoft Edge Right Now

Everyone knows how popular the WhatsApp has become in the last few years. WhatsApp can be found on almost all smartphones these days.

As you likely know, a couple of months ago the company behind WhatsApp released a web client named WhatsApp Web so that PC users can also use WhatsApp on their web browsers without relying on third-party WhatsApp desktop clients and browser extensions.

WhatsApp Web on Edge browser

As of now, WhatsApp web officially supports only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers. Microsoft recently revealed that it’s working with WhatsApp team to make WhatsApp Web available on its new Microsoft Edge browser as well.

WhatsApp Web on Edge browser

But it looks like one can use WhatsApp Web on Microsoft Edge browser right away without having to wait for the official release. We can make it happen without installing any third-party tools or registry edits.

The workaround comes in handy for millions of PC users who have already upgraded to Windows 10, and using Edge as their primary web browser.

Here is how to use WhatsApp Web on Edge browser right now:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web page on your Microsoft Edge browser. As you can see in the below picture, when you navigate to WhatsApp Web URL on Edge browser, the webpage shows the following page instead of showing QR code (which is because WhatsApp Web doesn’t officially support Microsoft Edge yet).

WhatsApp Web On Edge Browser pic1

Step 2: Click More actions icon (see below picture) and then click F12 Developer Tools to open the same.

WhatsApp Web On Edge Browser pic2

Step 3: Switch to the Emulation tab.

WhatsApp Web On Edge Browser pic3

Step 4: Under Mode, change User agent string from Microsoft Edge to Firefox, Chrome or Opera (refer above picture).

WhatsApp Web On Edge Browser pic4

The tab containing WhatsApp Web will automatically refresh once. You should now get QR code on the homepage. Scan the code using the WhatsApp app on your mobile to begin using WhatsApp on your Microsoft Edge browser.

WhatsApp Web On Edge Browser pic5

During our test, we got QR code on the webpage only after setting User agent string to Opera (Firefox and Chrome didn’t work for some reason).

Note: Since WhatsApp Web is not officially supported on Edge browser, some features might not work as expected. That said, there is no harm in trying the trick! You might be lucky!

Is WhatsApp Web working on your Edge browser?

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