How to use WhatsApp Web on iPhone

Great news for all the iPhone users. The popular messaging service WhatsApp now supports WhatsApp web on all version of iOS devices.

Users can now use WhatsApp on their web browsers by linking their Phone to their PC or Mac by scanning QR code. This option was available in Android long before but now it just arrived on iPhone. If you don’t see option for WhatsApp Web, update the app on your phone now.

Whatsapp WEB

How to Use WhatsApp Web on iPhone:

1. Open on a web-browser. It will give you a black n white box image called QR code.

WhatsApp Web QR Code

2. Grab your iPhone and make sure you have latest WhatsApp version installed. Open App Store on your phone and check to see if they are any updates available for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Update iPhone

3. Now, Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. 

WhatsApp Web iPhone

4. It will launch Camera on your iPhone, point the camera directly towards the QR code you got in Step #1. Wait couple of seconds.

Whatsapp Web QR Code

5. Your contacts and chat list will appear. Now you can remotely send messages to your WhatsApp contacts from your PC.

Benefits of WhatsApp Web on iPhone

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