How to use WhatsApp for web on your PC

Recently, WhatsApp announced its plans to allow users to use its mobile messaging services from Desktop, Laptop or any other personal computer as well. This is great news for people who are mostly busy working on computers, having very little or no time for their smartphones.

Method to use WhatsApp on your PC

Step 2: After downloading Chrome browser on your computer, visit and a website looking something like picture below will open up.

WhatsApp website screenshot

 Step 4: Now WhatsApp will scan the QR code displayed on the website. To successfully scan the QR code face the rear camera towards the desktop, so that the QR code lies within WhatsApp’s scan field as shown in the screen shot below.

WhatsApp QR code scan

To successfully use the web based WhatsApp client these two things are important. First thing is, your WhatsApp application must be updated to the latest version. The older version of the app does not support QR scan capabilities and is hence incompatible. When you click on the 3 dots settings and ‘WhatsApp Web’ doesn’t show up, that means you have an older version installed. So you first need to update it to the latest version from your respective app store.

Please feel free to share your concerns or if you are unable to use WhatsApp web client.

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