How to use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone!

Whatsapp Messenger is the most popular messaging app and has become a part and parcel of everyday communication in our daily lives. With its call feature and soon to come Video calling features, there has been a lot of dependency on the App. Furthermore with the advancements in 3G and 4G networks, communication is indispensable and easy. Apps like whatsapp etc. are the forefront runners on which people depend. With a user base of more than one billion, it has become a necessity of our social lives. So Keep reading below to know How to use two Whatsapp accounts in Parallel?

Nowadays phones especially in India come with dual sim functionality but only one Whatsapp account is allowed to run on a single phone, no matter the phone has two IMEI numbers. Hence we cannot reap the full benefits of a dual sim phone. But today we come up with all the possible tricks for Running Multiple Accounts with any App especially Whatsapp Messenger.

How to use two whatsapp in one phone 2016?

We have divided these tricks into two categories:-

1. Official Method (No need to Root, No fear of account suspension by whatsapp, Simple functionality, Not Obsolete)

2. Unofficial Method (May need Rooting, If caught whatsapp can suspend the respective accounts, May seem Complex for some users, May Become Obsolete in Future)

Note : Whatever the method be, do not forget to take a backup of your original whatsapp before trying any of these below methods.

How to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone without root? (Official Methods)

Firstly, we are calling these methods as official not because whatsapp defined so, but because they do not need any rooting and the apps we will be using to achieve our goal are official apps from google play and there is no kind of hack trick included. So, Basically we are not using any extra brains but downloading and using apps from Google Play to achieve the functionality. Also a major factor is that there is no fear of viruses or system attacks as everything is from the very reliable Google Play Store.

There are two ways to achieve parallel whatsapp functionality via Google Play Apps:-

1. Using Disa App

2. Using Parallel Space – Multi Accounts App

1. How to use two whatsapp using Disa App?

Disa is an application that seamlessly unifies every messaging app and provides a fast, clean, slick interface. The most unique feature of Disa is its ability to unify multiple conversations and merge two conversations together, very similar to an iMessage conversation.

But here what matters for us is that Disa can also be used as a client replacement. It is an answer to the question How to run 2 whatsapp on android?

Before starting we are assuming that you are already running a whatsapp account on your phone.

So follow the below steps on How to use two whatsapp accounts using Disa App:-

  • Open Playstore > Search Disa App > Install it
  • Open and Click on Agree terms and Conditions.
  • Click on Add Service.
  • You will find whatsapp on the “Not installed” list. Click on it.
Disa 1
  • Plug-in Download will start. After download completes, restart the Disa App.
Disa 2
  • Now when you open whatsapp on Disa App you will find an error icon right beside the search icon. Click on it.
Disa 3
  • Click on Skip. Fill the name
  • Now while entering the Mobile Number don’t forget to enter the country code with it. Click Next. Click Yes on the confirmation message

Note : If you wish to register via the same number that is registered on your original whatsapp then first uninstall the original whatsapp before registering the Disa Whatsapp.

  • Verify via any of the two methods available and complete it.
  • After verification is done click on settings icon on the top right corner you will see whatsapp running status and plugin is now installed
  • Click on whatsapp > Profile settings
  • To Send messages Click on the Plus or Add icon. your contacts will be opened.
  • Now click on any of the contacts and send a whatsapp message. Enjoy!

Congratulations! Now you have two WhatsApp in your phone, one is official WhatsApp and another is Disa WhatsApp.

2. How to use two whatsapp using Parallel Space – Multi Accounts App?

If in case you have two accounts of Facebook, twitter or whatsapp and you want to run them on one single phone hassle less then keep reading this blog and you will find a solution on how to use 2 whatsapp in android phone?

Basically only one account is allowed on a single phone and the only way to run two accounts of the same app is to logout and login with the other account which is really inconvenient as most of us want to manage both the accounts real time and hassle free. So this tutorial will help you to make a copy of any application which will work like your original application. Basically you will be making a secondary client or duplicate of any application you wish to, in this case Whatsapp.

So Lets start!

  • Firstly Install Parallel Space – Multi Accounts App from playstore.
How to use two Whatsapp
  • Click on Add Button as shown below.
  • It will show the list of applications installed on your phone which you can clone.
  • Click on whatsapp to make its duplicate.
  • Now Sign up using your other number normally as you do while using original whatsapp.
  • Your new whatsapp account is ready and usable! Enjoy!

Also If you want to access the data of this whatsappplus using a file explorer then Go to Your phones file explorer > Click on Parallel > Whatsapp. This is the whatsapp plus folder or the duplicate whatsapp data.

Note : Parallel Space App cannot run on Android TV (the app is side loaded, not for the Shield/ATV)

Now lets come on the other side of the story and learn the Unofficial methods.

How to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone? (UnOfficial Methods)

These methods will surely need root access and hence are little complex. Also these can be dealt with as hack tricks by Whatsapp and hence if caught results in account suspension. But once these tricks work then you can run more than two whatsapp accounts on the same phone. Hence these methods have there own advantages as well as disadvantages which we will talk about later in this blog. So Stay Tuned and Find out How to use two Whatsapp accounts or more?

There are two ways to achieve parallel whatsapp functionality:-

1. Using 2 Lines for Whatsapp
2. Using GBWhatsapp

1. How to use two whatsapp or more using 2 Lines for Whatsapp method ?

Though, GBWhatsapp is undoubtedly one of the best and most convenient method to run two whatsapp in one phone but still due to strict policies by Whatsapp, 2 Lines for Whatsapp is more preferable as this method of dual whatsapp works always. You can use 2 lines for whatsapp method if you are getting any error in GBWhatsapp.

This method to run two whatsapp in one phone is very easy. Though, the only drawback of this method is that your android phone must be rooted to use this app. This app not only provides dual whatsapp but also you can install up to 10 multiple whatsapp accounts.

So, if you want to run multiple whatsapp in single android phone, then 2 Lines for Whatsapp is best application for you. To use this method there are some pre-requisites.

Requirements to run 2 lines for Whatsapp: 1. Before running 2 lines for Whatsapp, you need to root your android phone. 2. Android version of your phone must be 2.3.6 or above. 3. At least 5 MB of free space is required.

Steps to Setup two Whatsapp accounts via 2 Lines for Whatsapp:

  • First of all, Download 2 Lines for Whatsapp from here.
How to use two Whatsapp accounts
  • Install it and Open 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone.
  • Now, grant super SU permissions to this app. (It will ask, a pop-up will appear, Just click on Grant).
  • Tap on Add a new line for Whatsapp.
  • Register with other number there and finish the process.
  • Do not restore backups if the application finds any.
  • Now you have a new whatsapp line.
  • Go back to 2 lines for whatsapp and you’ll see the new line.
  • Long press to rename it if u want.
  • If you want to switch whatsapp then select another line.
  • If you want to delete a line then long press it to get the delete options.

Enjoy Dual Whatsapp account in android phone for free!

Note : The only main disadvantage of this dual whatsapp method is that you will not get real time notification of your multiple whatsapp numbers (which is possible in GBWhatsapp only).

2. How to use two whatsapp using GBWhatsapp?

Initially it was the OGWhatsapp but as the original whatsapp got updated OGWhatsapp became obsolete and non-functional. Hence GBWhatsapp was introduced and since then it has been updated regularly as each version becomes obsolete with time. So it is necessary for you to be using the latest version of GBWhatsapp to achieve dual whatsapp functionality.

The GBWhatsapp method is the best way to use two whatsapp in a single android phone but it does has some drawbacks like it may need rooting and can become obsolete if not updated. Also this method is sought of a hack trick and hence there’s a chance of account getting closed by whatsapp (though this has reportedly never happened).

So Here’s How to use two whatsapp accounts in one android phone using GB Whatsapp?

  • First Uninstall the original Whatsapp that you have on your phone.
  • Download GBWhatsapp.apk from here.
  • Install GBWhatsapp.apk as we normally do and Open it.
  • Register the GBWhatsapp using your other number and complete the verification process.
  • Now again download and install the original whatsapp from the playstore.
  • Your Phone now has two whatsapp accounts running on your phone namely – GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp.

How to run two whatsapp in one iphone?

Well if you have reached here then this means either you are done with Android Phone tricks or you have a iPhone and you are looking to run 2 accounts of whatsapp simultaneously on your ‘precious’ iPhone. Well Keep reading as we unveil the one and only trick to do this!

And If latter’s the case then gear up because iPhone users are not really used to trusting a source untrusted by the mighty Apple. There might be security risks but we assure you that there will be no need to JailBreak the device. 

This method has been tested on not only iOS 9.0-9.0.2, but on the latest versions as well, including iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2.

So Here’s How to use 2 whatsapp in iPhone ?

  • Firstly we are assuming that you have a working whatsapp account on your iPhone from the trusted iOS App Store, the usual way.
  • Now for the second step open the Safari Browser on your phone.
  • Type the Following URL: and Hit Enter.
  • Now Tap on Whatsapp 2.
  • Now you will be redirected to page where things will be written in a language you might not understand.
  • An orange colored whatsapp icon appears with a green button below it. Just Tap on the Green Button to start the installation.
  • Complete the installation and exit the safari if you want.
  • Now go to the settings app > Navigate to General > Profile
  • Now Tap on “Trust VNE Software” and when prompted to confirm, hit the “Trust” button.
  • Now launch your new whatsapp app and Register using other number.

So this was how to use two whatsapp in iPhone. We hope this blog was useful for all the iPhone users who want to use two simultaneous whatsapp accounts.

How to use two whatsapp in windows phone?

Really? We mean no offense but are you still clinging to windows Phones! That’s a Limit of Obsession. Currently there are no reported tricks but yes as soon as whatsapp drops it’s support for windows phone we may no longer need to answer this question.

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