How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Device

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps nowadays and for its simplicity, users are willing to use it without hesitation. But some Android users wonder that how they can use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone. That is not a very big problem, but it is still annoying for those users. Here you can follow the solutions below to install two WhatsApp accounts or add another WhatsApp accounts on the single Android.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Device

Install Two WhatsApp Accounts with SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

Easy steps to go: 1. Install and run SwitchMe Multiple Accounts on your Android device from Google Play.

2. Create a user profile with your name. It will be an administrator account containing all the current apps and settings and also reflecting your WhatsApp profile that is already installed. 3. Tap “Create Profile” to create another profile using a different name. Choose the Switch option by selecting this account. 4. Your Android phone will restart automatically. If it is done, install official WhatsApp again and register for the different phone number.

Note: The free version of SwitchMe allows you to enjoy only 2 WhatsApp accounts on one single device. However, it’s paid version allows to run multiple WhatsApp accounts.


Create Multiple Accounts with 2 Lines for WhatsApp

Steps are as follows: 1. Download and open 2 Lines for WhatsApp on your Android through Google Play.

2. Grant super permission to it when a message pops up. 3. Choose “Add a new line for WhatsApp”. 4. Add your number and enjoy dual accounts on the same Android.

Note: This app not only provides dual WhatsApp accounts but also can install multiple WhatsApp accounts up to 10.


The two methods above both need you to root your Android first. “Rooting (Android OS) is the process of allowing users of smart phones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.” –Quoted from Wikipedia. Once rooted, the Android phone owners will have more control over many settings, features and performance of their devices. However, several users have found that their phones lost both performance speed and features. So a number of users don’t want to root their Android. Here are two ways that you can try without root.

Run Dual Accounts with OGWhatsApp

While running your old WhatsApp account on your smart phone, you can follow some steps to run a different WhatsApp account on the OGWhatsApp.

Simple steps to follow: 1. Make a complete backup of your old WhatsApp data. 2. Delete all the old WhatsApp data by going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear Data. 3. Rename the /sdcard/ WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/ OGWhatsApp. You can use any file manager for Android to do this, or from Windows. 4. Uninstall your original WhatsApp application and install OGWhatsApp in your Android. 5. Verify your old number in the OGWhatsApp, and then reinstall the normal version of WhatsApp and verify your new number in it.


Use Two Phone Numbers with GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a new application which is best alternative of OGWhatsApp. You can try it to use two different WhatsApp numbers at same time on one Android.

1. Install and click “Agree and Continue” to run GBWhatsApp on your Android. 2. Sign up with the second number which you want to use for dual WhatsApp accounts on it. 3. Enter verification code and click on “Continue” to verify this new number. Whatsapp Application will send you a message and will automatically verify your number. 4. Enter your profile name, choose profile picture and your new number will be activated.

Note: This way needs you have a second sim card in your smart phone.


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