How to Use Two Whatsapp accounts in One Phone

Whatsapp Android : Two Whatsapp in One Phone - Save Whatsapp Account Information seperately

Have you been using a specific mobile app with a specific account…let’s say Whatsapp android app, and something happens along the line, and you made the choice to open a brand new Whatsapp account. Have you thought about how to use two Whatsapp accounts in one phone?

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However, If you do not have 2 Whatsapp android;compatible phones, then this implies you’d have to be compelled to be changing sim cards from time to time, on your one and only Whatsapp compatible phone.

This means; it has the ability to enable you login two social accounts on one app, one phone. So, you’ll truly split your Whatsapp application and run two Whatsapp account on one phone. Taking a fast peep into the opposite account? No issues. you’ll access the one you downloaded from the Google Playstore, or the one on the Go Multiple app.

1. The Go Multiple android app is very secured.

3. After your account set-up , you’ll simply use this app to receive multiple messages from completely different accounts.

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  • To get a Go Multiple app is very easy simply click here
  • Launch or open it, after downloading and installing the app.
  • Choose the social Network you would like to separate. Then enable to clone.
Whatsapp Android app Two whatsapp one phone

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