How to use two WhatsApp accounts in a single device ?

Dual WhatsApp

Do you want to run two WhatsApp numbers on a single Android Smartphone? If yes, then there is a way by which you can run two WhatsApp numbers on a single device. Many of the forked versions of WhatsApp like, OGWhatsApp, WhatsMapp, WhatsFapp, etc. are no longer running on Android devices. But there is a way by which we can run two WhatsApp’s in a single device.

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Note: You can also download multiple WhatsApp’s on a single device using this process.

Follow the steps below —

  1. First, uninstall your present WhatsApp after taking apk backup (Good app for this purpose is App Backup and Restore). Don’t worry your chats, messages and all the data associated with the WhatsApp will be automatically restored once you re-register your number.

  2. Now download the WhatsApp+ on your Android device. If you wish to have more than two WhatsApp’s you can also download other WhatsApp+ variants present.

  3. Open the app and register any new number which you want.

  4. Now re-install the WhatsApp which you backed up.

  5. Register your previous number. Then it will ask you restore data. After the completion of the configuration process. You are Done!!

Now enjoy two or multiple WhatsApp’s having different numbers on a single device.

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Salient features of WhatsApp+ :

  • You can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs.
  • You can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • You can increase a quality of sent pictures (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot).
  • You can share music just with one click You can add contact profile pictures to their chats (Facebook Messenger style).
  • You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures to make it easy, it comes with a Built-in Theme Viewer and Downloader: check users themes online and apply them if you like any.

Note and Conclusion:

WhatsApp+ is not officially supported by WhatsApp Inc, hence be careful while sharing personal details.

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