How to use two WhatsApp accounts in a dual SIM mobile

You have just bought a dual SIM Android phone to save yourself the hassle of carrying two phones around.

You put both the SIM cards in your new phone and power it on. Now, you decide to provide it with your lifeline – the WhatsApp messenger. You activate it with one of your numbers. You realise you can’t have WhatsApp with the other number as Android phones support only one instance of an app.

There are many like you who have resigned to having only one WhatsApp active on their dual SIM phone. There are also many who have gone back to having two separate mobiles — just to ensure they have WhatsApp access in both.

Is there any way of having WhatsApp in a dual SIM mobile – for both the numbers? Yes.

Download Disa from here . Click on the ‘+’ to add a new service. Here give the other phone number (for which you don’t have the WhatsApp). Go through the usual verification process. Once it is done, you will have two WhatsApps – the original one as an app and the one inside the Disa app. The downside is that the one in the Disa app is not a full-fledged WhatsApp and cannot be used to make calls.

There is more to Disa than just enabling one more WhatsApp instance. You can use it as a single messaging hub for messages and Facebook chat, apart from WhatsApp — provided in a tabbed interface.

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