How to Use Someone’s Whatsapp In Your Android Mobile


Hello guys, welcome to my site. In this article I am going to share the way or trick, you can say, to use someone’s Whatsapp in your android mobile. First of all, what is Whatsapp?? Friends, Whatsapp is an application by which you can communicate with your friends, relatives or any other person you want. It uses Internet connection for texting, audio calling and now video calling also. Whatsapp is very popular nowadays among people of all ages. It was developed by two friends, Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 in Russia.

use someone's whatsapp in your android mobile

Firstly Whatsapp was developed for iPhone users only, then two months later, the blackberry version was developed, but now you can use it in Android, windows, ios also . Whatsapp was owned by Facebook in February 2014 for approximately US$19.3 billion. Friends we all know that it was developed in November 2009 but friends its was initially released on January 2009.

The things that made Whatsapp popular are:

Whatsapp does not include any advertisement, in its updated terms and privacy policies, informations are in a easy language that are easy to understand, full privacy for messages, it means no one (including Whatsapp team) can read your messages, it do not allow any third party banner adds. It need your mobile phone number to create your account, you can add your additional information like you can add your Name, your profile photo etc. This application has a status option also i.e; you can put your Whatsapp status and update it whenever you want. According to its policy, someone needs your contact number (that you feed in your account) to contact you.

This application (Whatsapp) automatically collect usage and log information, transactional information, device and connection information, cookies and status information. It allows you a wide range of management settings rights like service settings, changing of your mobile phone number, your Whatsapp profile photo, your Whatsapp status and your Whatsapp profile name also.

How to Use Someone’s Whatsapp In Your Android Mobile

Whatsapp is a very popular application, everyone is using it in today’s date. And if someone wants to spy someone’s activities then Whatsapp will be the best option to check first. For example, parents can spy on their child’s activity. If you are in a relationship then you can check whether your partner is honest and loyal for you or not?? If you have doubt on someone related to any crime then also you can use it. But it is not easy to read someone’s messages without their permission in Whatsapp. But don’t worry friends this article is to help you. through this article you can know how you can use someone’s Whatsapp in your android mobile. So friends, here we provide some steps below you have to follow , to get access into someone’s Whatsapp account.

Requirements you need to use Someone’s Whatsapp in your Android mobile

  1.  An android device (version 4.0+).
  2.  Working Internet connection.
  3. Victim’s mobile.
  4. Whatscan for Whatsapp web.

Steps you have to follow to use Someone’s Whatsapp in your Android mobile

So finally am i going to share the steps to use someone’s Whatsapp account. First of all make sure that you have all the required elements that are mentioned above.

1. Then the first thing you have to do is to open Play store app in your Android device.

2. Then tap the search bar and write Whatscan over there.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (1)
use someone whatsapp in your mobile (3)
use someone whatsapp in your mobile (4)

4. After clicking on ‘Install’ you will find a permission message, click the accept option now.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (5)

….. The installation process will be start…..

5. After the installation is being completed, open the app (Whatscan).

6. It will ask you to choose your language, choose your convenient language.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (8)

7. Then it will ask you for password security i.e; if you want to lock your app then you can lock it.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (9)

8. Then after all this the app will open and generate a bar code. This bar code plays the most important role in the whole process.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (10)

9. Now take the victim’s android device and open the Whatsapp.

10. After opening the victim’s Whatsapp successfully you have to click on ‘chats’.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (11)

11. Then you will see three dots (vertically over one another) option in the top right of the screen, click on that (three dots).

12. Then select ‘Whatsapp web’ option over there.

use someone whatsapp in your mobile (13)

A camera will be open on victim’s device.

13. Now you have to scan that bar code (which was generated on your device) to that scanning camera.


With this the whole process is being done.. But be careful friends! this bar code changes in every 5-10 seconds, so you have to complete all the process within 5-10 seconds.


1. You should not use it for crime. 2. It is temporary, not permanent.

What should you do, if Someone uses this trick on you??

You guys must be thinking that what will you do, if you are bieng targetted by this trick? As every problem has its solution also same their is a way to recover your Whatsapp account. For this, You have to open your Whatsapp, and click on the three dots (mentioned above). And then click on the Whatsapp web. then logout all sessions from there. By this you can recover your Whatsapp if someone using it by this trick.

Final Words

At last, thanks for reading. I hope you like this article. But friends this is a trick and you should only use it for educational purpose only not for any crime or not to harm anyone. Remember friends harassment, black mailing, cyber crimes or any political crime is punishable activity. You will be punished if government find you included in any crime that are mentioned above line. So friends beware of falling into a crime.

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