How to use dual SIM cards on Moto G?



if you want to make both SIM cards available at all times in dual SIM version of Moto G (all Moto G generations) so that you will not miss any calls (even when you are talking over one SIM card) , you may follow this guide to set up call forwarding and call waiting.

But Moto G dual SIM (and Moto E, Moto X and Moto Z) phones are dual standby, NOT dual active. Please refer to this dual SIM Android phone guide on differences between dual standby and dual active in dual SIM phones.

For correct SIM card size for Moto G (Moto E and Moto X as well) and how to insert SIM card  into Moto G, please check this guide.

All the settings related to Moto G dual SIM cards can be accessed through SettingsDual SIM settings.

Please note, only one SIM card can be used for 3G. The other one can only be on 2G.

How to get rid of the Moto G SIM card selection when making a call?

However, this can be annoying when you mainly use only one of the SIM cards for outgoing calls.

  1. use SIM card 1
  2. use SIM card 2
  3. let you select each time (this is the default setting).

Moto G also has a nice feature in dual SIM cards models for those who have to switch between SIM cards for outgoing calls. This feature is named as automatic SIM selection. This feature is valid only when   “Ask every time I make a call” is selected in making calls.

This means there is a learning process because Moto G has no idea which SIM card to be used initially. You need train it by turning on “Ask every time I make a call”. Gradually, the software will understand the patterns of SIM card usage. When you place a call, it will predicate which SIM card should be used and select it for you automatically.

If you find the automatic SIM selection chooses wrong SIM card, or if you want to change SIM card for that specific call, you can always tap the “Change SIM button” when Moto G is dialing the number (as shown below).

If you want to play safe, you can disable automatic SIM selection. In this case, the software still learns your SIM card usage patterns and gives you suggestions based on calling history.


A dual standby dual SIM phone only allows one voice or one mobile data to be active at any time. They can be in standby simultaneously. This usually is referred as dual standby. it is different from dual -active ones, which allows you to use 2 SIM cards simultaneously.

So, for example, when you are actively using mobile data in SIM card 1, if there is an incoming call for SIM card 2, you will have 2 options:

Moto G allows you to choose one of the behavior. The default is the first one. If you want, you can change this so that the incoming calls for non-data enabled SIM card are diverted to voicemail if the data enabled SIM card is actively transmitting data.

Do you have any problems to use or setup Moto G dual SIM cards?

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