[How To] Use Custom Wallpaper in Whatsapp Chat Conversation Background

Whats App provide you an option to change the wallpaper on the chatting screen. So while chatting with your friends you don’t need to have the boring background on Whats App.

Its very easy to change the wallpapers of your chat-screen of whats app. Today we will provide steps to change the wallpaper of your whats appp chat screen and with the different option available in Iphone.

To change the wallpaper of your whats app open the whats app application and go to the “Setting” tab as shown in the screen below


Once you click on the “setting” tabs you will be provided with various option as shown in the above screen.  As you need to change the wallpaper go to the “Chat Settings” options and you will be redirected to the screen shown in the below screenshot.


Once you get this screen Click on the option “Chat Wallpaper” option as highlighted in the above screen. whats app provide you list of some default wallpaper. So you can select the wallpaper from the list of default wallpapers or you can also select the wallpaper from your pic collection that you have clicked from your camera roll or your photo library.


Select wallpaper from Whats App’s wallpaper Library :

To select the wallpaper from the list of default wallpapers select the option “Wallpaper Library” and you will be provided with all the wallpapers available in your whats-app’s wallpaper library.


The above screenshot shows few example of available screenshots. You can apply any of this wallpaper by just clicking on the desired wallpaper.

Set the Clicked pic or Pic from Photo Library as your Whats App’s chat wallpaper

Similarly you can select from you camera roll or your photo library by clicking on the “Camera Roll” option or “Photo library” option.


Once you click on this option you will be redirected to your Camera Roll collection and you can just click on the Pic that you want as your Chatscreen wallpaper.

Its always nice to have a good and exiting background when you will be chatting with your near ones and when you can easily change it and have your desired background wallpaper then why to adjust with the default boring wallpaper. so once you select the pic just go to the Chat and enjoy the chat with new exiting background.

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