How to Use 2Lines for Whatsapp Using OG Whatsapp in Dual SIM Phone

Use 2Lines for Whatsapp with OG Whatsapp


Everyone likes to have separate contact number for office and personal use.  Its really useful because no one want to be disturbed in off hours. Dual sim smart phones solved this problem, they provide facility to keep on both numbers with same mobile phone. But now a days smart phones are not just like basic phones which we used in past just for call and text messages. Everyone like to have social media applications on their phone like IMO, Facebook, Line, Whatsapp etc. But here is a big problem you can use 2 sim cards with separate numbers with dual sim phone. But you cant use two different account for social media apps like whatsapp. In this article we will learn how to use 2lines for whatsapp using an application called OG whatsapp.

Why We Will Use OG Whatsapp For Dual SIM

As there is no option to use 2lines for whatsapp in whats app official application. So we are going to use a third party application OG whatsapp which is safe to use.Actually OG Whatsapp is modified version of Official whatsapp application. And its completely safe to use. Basically we will configure 2 whatsapp applications in same phone using them with different basics and application names. Lets start using 2lines for whatsapp with OG Whatsapp. Please follow the steps below.

Create Backup of your Whatsapp Chat Messages and Conversation.

First create a backup of your whatsapp chat messages. if you don’t know how to create backup of what app conversation and messages. please follow the steps below.

Open your whatsapp application, open settings and chat settings. You will find an option like Chat Backup click on it and whatsapp will create a backup for all of your conversations. Creating Backups is good practice but if you have deleted your data you can still recover it Learn How to Recover Data From SD Card.

You can see in the image below to create whats app backup.


Installing and Configuring OG Whatsapp

To use two whatsapp numbers we need two whatsapp applications as well. So first application which we are going to install is OG whatsapp. Lets install and configure OG Whatsapp first using following easy steps.

  1. Browse through file manager and change the whatsapp folder name to OGWhatsap. If your standared file explorer does not support to explore files in your android then you can use ES File Explorer application for this purpose.
  2. Now uninstall your original whatsapp application and download OGWhatsapp Click Here to Download OGWhatsapp.
  3. Install OGWhatsapp which you recently downloaded
  4. Open your new OGWhatsapp application and configure it with the number which already you were using to the official whatsapp application.
  5. Now download official Whatsapp application from Google Play Store and install it
  6. Configure your secondary number to original whatsapp application.

Congratulations you have successfully configured Two whatsapp numbers for your dual sim phone. Now you will see two whatsapp icons on screen and you can use them both. Thanks for reading this article if you like this please don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.

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