How to unread a message, hide blue ticks and make WhatsApp call? 7 awesome WhatsApp Tricks

Users have the habit of forgetting to reply to messages received on WhatsApp. There is now a mark as an unread option

available which shows a blue dot in those messages you want to be reminded to reply. The only problem in this is that people forget to remind themselves to check their WhatsApp. This option can be activated by swiping on your chat to the right and choosing the option mark as unread, you can turn it off by simply swiping right on the chat once you are done.

Make WhatsApp calls: This is one of the best ways to make free calls all over the world. The option is currently only available on the Android platform and now on the iOS platform. The option is available only on the latest version of the WhatsApp. You can do this by simply sending an invite for a voice call to the WhatsApp contact. Beware of not using your data package and only using Wi-Fi for this service.

Ever wondered how to get rid of the dreaded blue ticks? You can have this done by going to settings, then account and then finally to privacy. The only thing you have to do then is to just switch off the Read Receipts option. You cannot, however, switch off the blue ticks in the group chats.

Selective notification is also one of the most sought after options in the WhatsApp world. You can now set different sound notifications for different contacts and now do not need to look at the phone to see who has contacted you. You can do this by tapping on the chat, going on the name of the chat and then choosing Custom Notifications.  There you will be given different sounds for different WhatsApp notifications.

You can prevent people from reading your messages. The notification on the locked phone screen shows the entire message whenever it is received, and most of us have read somebody else’s texts by mistake while glancing over their phone screen. You can do this by going to settings, then notifications and then disable the Show Preview option. No longer will you have to worry about people reading your messages.

Replying directly from the popup is now a possibility. You don’t even have to keep excessively clicking on the phone screen. Now all you need to do is go to settings, then notifications and then select popup notifications. From there you will have 4 options out of which you can choose the specific setting according to your preference. This option is only available for Android users.

You can now find out the exact time your message has been read. Go to any WhatsApp chat, and then hold any message you have sent, followed by Info. For the iOS users, they can drag it towards the left to reveal another window.

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