How to Turn off WhatsApp Notifications on Android and Windows PC

Have WhatsApp notifications been disturbing you? And do you seek a way to turn off WhatsApp notifications on your Android Phone? Or Windows 10 PC? If yes, then this article will be helpful for those who wish to do so. I have explained three ways to stop WhatsApp notifications in this article below.

WhatsApp can be trigged two type of notifications on your Phone whether push notifications and popup notification. Usually, WhatsApp will show notifications when you are receiving messages from either a contact or group. Some WhatsApp users have been trickily enabled popup notifications on their Phone because to read WhatsApp messages without Triggering Read Receipts to senders. However, sometimes it could be annoying us, in this case, we can turn off WhatsApp notifications in the following method.

Although WhatsApp offers you to disable popup notifications through its settings Page, there are no ways to disable push notifications within the WhatsApp settings section. Therefore, we can use Android’s built-in “Disable notification” feature, which helps to disable notification of individual Android app. So, we can use this facility to disable WhatsApp push notifications. And we can also use a third party app to deactivate WhatsApp push notifications. Let’s take a look at “How we can perform this task on our Android Phone and Desktop PCs.”

Steps to turn off WhatsApp popup notifications on Android

The latest version of WhatsApp lets you to Disable Popup notifications of both WhatsApp Contacts and WhatsApp Group. You can find a way to stop WhatsApp notifications on your Phone in the following method.

Turn off WhatsApp notifications of Contacts

Step 1: Open WhatsApp On you Phone.


Step 2: Tap the three-dot menu button and go to Settings > Notifications.


Step 3: Then, tap the “Popup notification” under “Message Notification.”


Step 4: Finally, select “no popup” from the menu.

Deactivate WhatsApp notifications of Group

Step 1: Go to Settings on WhatsApp.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Notifications.


Step 3: Now tap on “Popup notification” under “Group notifications.”

Step 4: Select “No popup” from the menu.

Turn off WhatsApp Push notification on Android (Using Built-in feature)

Step 1: First, you have to open Settings on your Android

Step 2: Then navigate to General > Application Manager.


Step 3: Select WhatsApp on Application Manager.


Step 4: Finally, uncheck the checkbox next to the “Show notifications.”

That’s it; now you won’t see WhatsApp Push notifications on your Phone.

Hide Push notification of WhatsApp on Android using AppBlock app.

“AppBlock” is one of the most popular applications to blocking running applications on Android as well as it can hide notifications of any Android app. Consequently, we can also use AppBlock app to disable WhatsApp notifications on our Android phone.

How to turn off WhatsApp notifications using Android App


Step 1: First of all, Download AppBlock application from Google Play.

Enable_Notification_access of_AppBlock

Step 2: Then, open the app and tap on “Enable now” button of “Set notifications Access” Window.


Step 3: Select the checkbox next to “AppBlock” app on “Notification access” section.

Step 4: Go back to your AppBlock app, select a profile or create a new profile.


Step 5: Next, locate the “App notification” and enable the button, you can find it under the “Whats is blocked” section in Profile Page.


Step 6: Finally, Add “WhatsApp application” to the “Application” section in Profile page.

The above method is another way to disable push notifications of WhatsApp. You can also block notification during night time, using AppBlock’s schedule feature.

Turn off WhatsApp Desktop Alerts in Windows 10 PC

If you are using WhatsApp on Windows PC, then WhatsApp’s Desktop app also offers to disable Desktop Alerts on your Windows 10 PC. You can find a way to do so in below.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp’s Desktop software on your PC.


Step 2: Click on three-dot menu button of the WhatsApp Software.


Step 3: Then navigate to Settings > Notifications.


Step 4: Finally, uncheck the checkbox front of “Desktop Alert.”

You are done!

Final thought:

Although the WhatsApp’s app notification feature is helpful to know if a message has arrived, sometimes it could be irritating us. In this case, we can use any of methods to get rid of them that I have mentioned above. Additionally, I have provided to deactivate desktop alerts in Windows 10 PCs. Hope this article will be useful to you, if you have thought to stop WhatsApp notifications on your Android Phone. And I love to hear your thoughts about this article.

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