How to Turn Off Keyboard Click Sounds on iPhone

Turn off keyboard click sounds on the iPhone

A little clicking sound is made every time you type on the iPhone keyboard. Some users really like that sound effect and find that it helps them to type on the virtual keyboard easier, but other users find it to be annoying and obtrusive. If you don’t want to hear the clicky sound effects when typing in iOS, you can quickly turn the feature off and have the key taps stay quiet, leaving you with completely silent hitting any keys on the iPhone keyboard.

Disabling the key click sound effects can be done permanently through a settings change, or if you just want to be quiet for a short while, say when typing in a coffee house or library, you can use a broader mute option too.

Turn Off Keyboard Click Sound Effects in iOS Completely

This works to disable the keyboard click sounds on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The setting option is available in virtually every version of iOS and is always located in the same place:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad and choose “Sounds”
  2. Scroll all the way to to the bottom and find “Keyboard Clicks”, flip that switch to the OFF position
    Keyboard click sounds in iOS Settings
  3. Exit out of Settings

The change is instant. You can go to any app in iOS that you would type and normally hear the click sounds, you’ll find them to be nonexistent and you are no longer announcing to the surrounding vicinity that you are typing on an iOS keyboard.

Of course going back into the Settings > Sound and toggling the Keyboard Clicks switch back ON will make the click on tap sounds appear again.

Turn off keyboard click sound effects

This brief video shows how quick this settings change is, and just like muting the key tap noises, it’s silent:

Temporarily Turn Off Keyboard Click Sounds with Mute

For iPhone users who generally like the keyboard click sounds, another option is to just temporarily turn off the key clicking sounds by using the devices Mute button. Just flip the mute switch while typing and the clicking sounds won’t be heard, of course neither will anything else when Mute is on, however, which is why this is just a temporary measure.

iOS Keyboard makes key clicking sounds when pressed

The keyboard sound effects are often loved or hated, many people find them a nuisance which is why we’ve mentioned it in the annoying iPhone settings that can be fixed as well as resolving some iOS 8 frustrations (particularly since some users discovered the sound effects were turned back on after updating iOS to the latest version, even if it was turned off before). Ultimately, whether you want your typing to make sounds or not is a matter of preference and opinion. Me personally, I like the iOS key click sounds, but I’ve always liked clicky keyboards in general, particularly on desktop computers. The clickier and louder the clicks the better, just some weird reward system stemming from the gloriously clicky Apple Extended Keyboard II from yesteryear, I suppose.


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