How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages or Chat History from iPhone to a Computer

WhatsApp has proved over the months and years that it has been running that it is actually a rather useful little app. Many people did not believe that it would ever take off when it was first announced – they thought that text messaging was such a brilliant concept that nothing could ever usurp it. And although texting is wonderfully useful when you are trying to contact a person, it is actually only really useful when you are trying to contact one person. Getting the same message to a large group of people can take an awful long time when you are texting, and then trying to have a conversation as a group just becomes impossible. No one can see what messages are sent back to you, and it is impossible for you to tell whether or not other people are discussing everything between them!

transferring WhatsApp messages to a computer

That is the reason why WhatsApp is so great; because you can have a conversation, a real conversation, seeing what each and every person is saying. And that is all very well and good when you have your iPhone with you. But what happens if you lose it – what happens if it crashes? What happens if you need to keep a record of that conversation, and or send a copy of that conversation to someone else? It may seem completely impossible, but thankfully due to modern technology and a whole host of other people who have been in exactly the same position, there is now a computer program that makes it possible for you to backup and transfer your iPhone WhatsApp messages to your computer. It does not even matter whether your computer is a PC or a Mac!

All you need to do is to download the special software which is called iPhone WhatsApp Transfer and follow these simple instructions. They may look long, but actually they are remarkably easy, and before you know it you will have all of your iPhone WhatsApp conversations safely stored on your computer:

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