How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

No one will wake up in order to see more advertising and feel excited, no one will expect to see the ads tomorrow before going to sleep. Well, believable that WhatsApp will be suitable for you. WhatsApp do not have any ads and has always been avoided the ads. What’s more, it is available for iPhone, Android, Winphone, Symbian, and Blackberry users to use.

I am a WhatsApp user, as well as an Apple fan, I always follow the launch of Apple to change my iPhone. WhatsApp can be downloaded again, but the messages data are not. So, when we change our old iPhone to a new one or the screen is broken or other situations happen, how can we transfer WhatsApp messages data to the new iPhone?


iPhone Data Recovery is an expert for processing data. The program not only can backup and restore APP data, such as WhatsApp, Viber, KiK, etc., restoring deleted data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but also can transfer WhatsApp chats and attachments between your iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget iPhone Data Recovery can backup & restore your data via computer. Next, I will tell your how to transfer your WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another.

  Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages/Photos/Videos from iPhone to iPhone

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery and Select the Mode

After install and open iPhone Data Recovery, it will show you 4 mode on the left. Click the last mode “More Tools” and select “Transfer WhatsApp messages” on the right.


Step 2. Connect Both of Your Devices to PC

Now, connect your two iPhones to computer via USB cables. And make sure the source iPhone on the left and destination iPhone on the right, if they are reversed, you can click “Flip” to change them.


Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages

When the program recognize your two iPhones, you can click “Transfer” to transfer WhatsApp messages data. Because the transfer process will erase the WhatsApp messages from the destination iPhone, you need to allow this action by click “Yes”, if you want to continue transferring. The whole process will last a few minutes, just ensure that your USB cables is stable. When the transfer completed, the program will request you to restore the previous backup from old iPhone to your new iPhone so that you can quickly restore the backup file.


Now transfer WhatsApp messages will no longer bother you, it become a simple process through the help of iPhone Data Recovery.

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