How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Chats Photo Video from iPad to iPad

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages & Attachment from iPad to iPad

With the popularity of Apple electronic products, nowadays, more and more iOS users are interested in iPad products. iPhone upgrades more and more often, likewise, iPad upgrades frequently nowadays. What people do first after they replace their old iPad with a new one must be transfer all the important data on the old iPad. Those important data, apart from videos and photos, among which WhatsApp Messages must be included. WhatsApp, a universal application as well as social communication tool for Apple users, plays a important role in people’s life. Likewise, Whatsapp message is important. At the same time, iPad data transfer problem has attracted more and more attention in the iPad data transfer industry. Because people always are stuck in the data transfer process. So let me introduce a amazing data transfer tool to you. I believe once you get it, you will feel as if you get a valued treasure.

iOS Data Manager can perfectly solve the problem that how can we transfer the WhatsApp messages, including WhatsApp Chats history, Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPhone, or from iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPad, etc. In addition to transfering WhatsApp from iOS to iOS or Android, it can also backup and restore your WhatsApp content on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Android devices. What’s the most wonderful function is that it offers three simple ways for you to restore the deleted and lost data including WhatsApp messages & attachments from iOS devices.

The functions showed above must attract you a lot. Take the problem that How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPad to iPad as an example, let me show you the mighty charm of iOS Data Manager. I will instruct you the detailed operation below.

Directly Transfer WhatsApp Chats, Photos, Videos from One iPad to Another

Step 1. Install and Launch the Program

Install the program after you download the trial version of iOS Data Manager. Then launch it and you will see a popup window which show you the user interface. Click on “More Tools” from the left column, select “iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” option from the tool lis

Step 2. Select the Transfer Mode and Connect Your iPads

As you can see, there are four options on the window. Please click “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” to go on. Then you are required to connect both of your iPads to PC, the program will automatically detect both of them soon.

Note: Pleaes ensures that you have install the latest iTunes on your computer, if not, please install it first.

Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPad to iPad

Once both of your iPads are recognized, you are allowed to simply click “Transfer” to sync your WhatsApp messages between your iPads. What you need to pay attention is that the WhatsApp chat history on your devices will be wiped out after transferring.

With just a click can you solve the complex transfer problem, how magic it is!

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