How to Track WhatsApp Messages

Spy on WhatsApp Messages with StealthGenie Cell Phone Monitoring


WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging app available for a variety of cell phones to include iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. The main feature of WhatsApp is that you can share text messages, videos, and photos without going through the SMS and MMS messaging protocols that typically incur additional carrier charges. Essentially, it is free messaging.

However, free messaging can also lead to unrestrained activities on WhatsApp which if you have a teenager with a cell phone that you bought then you need StealthGenie to track WhatsApp messages. This way you can be sure that the messaging application is not being misused. The same applies if you have an employee in your charge with a company-issued cell phone.

When You are Looking Out for Others

When you are a parent, you have adolescent kids with cell phones that you bought for them. You have every right to make sure that they are not abusing them such as overusing WhatsApp or communicating with others that can cause problems. StealthGenie gives you the tools you need to view their WhatsApp chats as well as the other types of media that your loved ones might be exchanging (audio clips, videos, photos).

The Perks of WhatsApp

Before looking at the perils of WhatsApp, let’s look at what it is good for. Obviously, it is good for the exchanging messages, photos, and videos with your friends at no additional service charge. Other perks include:

  • Available for a variety of mobile devices
  • Minimal setup
  • Can do group chats
  • You can send your GPS location to a map
  • There are pre-designed messages to notify your status
  • Contact blocking
  • Can document conversations for later reference

Used in moderation and for specific purposes, WhatsApp is a powerful communications tool. On the other hand, it can get out of control which is where you as a parent or employer with others under your charge might need StealthGenie to monitor their WhatsApp chats. Read further.

The Perils of WhatsApp

  • Addictive
  • Users begin to replace face-to-face interaction with texting
  • Can be a forum for the negative or inflammatory
  • Some users treat it like a leash on others
  • Unsafe in certain situations such as driving
  • Time waster
  • Threats of masqueraders

Because WhatsApp is free and easy to use, a person can chat with friends, exchange funny lines, be flirty, and more. The fun can quickly turn into hours of message exchanging. Worse yet, it can become a forum for negative and inflammatory communications if not monitored.

WhatsApp Spy

Time Wasting with WhatsApp

At work, valuable time is lost while using WhatsApp for hours. Without a monitoring tool like StealthGenie, an employee could chat on WhatsApp while at his desk when he should be out doing business with clients and you would never know. You would think that he’s just snowed under with paperwork.

Will You Put that Phone Down!

Have you ever been on a date with a significant other and became annoyed because he or she won’t stop texting on WhatsApp or any other messaging app?

Overuse of WhatsApp can be the precursor to social dysfunction. This may not be a rule but all parents want their teens to learn how to look people in the eye and articulate themselves in conversation. Here again with StealthGenie, you can get a feel of just how much your teenager is texting instead of conversing.

You can also remotely lock your teen’s phone for a temporary time so that he’ll look at the person sitting across the table from him.

Watch the Road!

Unfortunately, there have been many fatal traffic accidents because of drivers using text messaging apps such as WhatsApp while driving. With StealthGenie, you can determine if your teen or employee is driving and texting and lock the phone before an accident happens.

Who Are You?

One of the dangers of social networking and social chatting is that you don’t really know who is on the other end of your communication session. The person says he is so-and-so but you can never really know.

These venues are prime operating ground for stalkers who try to get to know your teenager and arrange to meet. And, no matter how many times you as a parent warn them, curiosity is a strong magnet on occasion.

Nonetheless, you need to know when strangers are trying to establish contact with your teen through WhatsApp. StealthGenie gives you the monitoring tool in this area so that you can take the quick action required.

Don’t leave yourself, your loved ones, or your assets vulnerable to the mischief that can be done with a cell phone. Get StealthGenie today and know what is going on at all times.

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