How to Track WhatsApp Messages on Cell phone with SPY App

mSpy is the most renowned and user-friendly application you may use for tracking your kids’ movements, prevent theft and supervise the performance of your employees. The mobile monitoring software runs invisibly on target device, tracking all activities that include call log history

, calendar updates, GPS location, emails, text messages, web history among others.

Track WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone

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There are 2 Ways to track WhatsApp messages one is the simplest way and the other is complicated and her I will teach you both the method.

Track WhatsApp Messages with Spy Software

*The Simple Way*

The mobile phone tracking software allows you read all multimedia and text messages received or sent by target phone user. They’re made viewable to you, regardless whether they’ve been deleted on tracked device itself.

Why this feature is beneficial:-

Secret communication with competitors or bullying might be happening not just by text message or phone but also through WhatsApp. You should be fully aware of what’s happening with your underage children as well as your employees so as to eliminate unnecessary harm coming to them and your business. This is precisely why you ought to invest in mSpy tracking software for Android and iPhone monitoring all WhatsApp correspondence on your mobile device.

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Using mSpy software program is the simplest means of spying on WhatsApp messages. Even though there are some companies that market below standard spy WhatsApp spy programs, there are few genuine products worth considering. The favorite one is mSpy that’s well known for its top notch features and quality.

Features of mSpy making it ideal choice for tracking messages

  • Spy on SMS, contacts and call logs
  • It records secretly web history, bookmarks and emails
  • It spies on internet activity that include social media like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • It also tracks GPS locations, in real-time
  • It views device as well as SIM data
  • Record photos, videos and keystrokes
  • Operates in complete stealth mode, and will remain undetected

When you’re a parent, mSpy may provide an additional help because it supports some handful of control features also

  • It blocks access to unwanted calls and apps
  • Get immediate alerts when disrespectful language is viewed or typed
  • Lock remotely phone, or limit its usage
  • Delete remotely unwanted call logs, contacts, photos and SMS when needed

How Does mSPY operates in Tracking WhatsApp Messages:-

You will have to download as well as install the mSpy app onto your iPhone or android which you require to track WhatsApp messages. Configuration and installation only takes a couple of minutes. But to do this, you will be required to have target phone with you for some few minutes.

When you have completed the installation, the tracking process of all the named activities is going to begin and recorded logs are uploaded silently on your mSpy account. You may login at anytime to your online account to check logs that contain WhatsApp messages, and any other activity details.

Apart from iPhone and Android, other compatible devices include Blackberry, iPod, Tablets and Windows Mobile.

Track WhatsApp Messages by Spoofing MAC Address

*The Hard Way*

The other means through which you may track someone’s message is through spoofing the MAC address of your target phone from your own phone. The method is somehow considered hard and needs moderate amount of technical skills to operate.

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WhatsApp has small vulnerability allowing you operate similar WhatsApp account on two separate phones, provided they have both similar MAC address. You’ll need, for this, to gain access to the target phone so as to record its MAC address and spoof it on your device. To find the MAC address of Android and iPhone, you are going to use the following process:

  • Android: Head over to settings-About phone-Status-Wi-Fi MAC address
  • iPhone: Head over Settings-General-About-Wi-Fi address
  • Other mobile devices: have their own steps to follow

When you have completed recording your target phone’s MAC address, you’ll have to spoof the MAC address on your iPhone or android. After the operation, you install WhatsApp on your device, and configure it using verification code that’s received on target phone.

When you manage successfully to execute the above steps, you’ll have replica of the target phone’s user’s WhatsApp account operating on your mobile phone. This means you’ll receive notifications on your cell phone for each activity of target WhatsApp user. mSpy is recommended for tracking messages through this method.

The above tips of tracking WhatsApp messages may be successfully used to keep track of your kids and your employees’ activities.

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