How To Temporarily Deactivate Whatsapp Account

Want to temporarily deactivate your Whatsapp Account ?

Do you wish to temporarily deactivate your WhatsApp account for a sometime / awhile from your android smart phone without uninstalling it? Here is easiest step by step procedure to turn off WhatsApp account from your android smart phone without actually uninstalling or need to delete the WhatsApp account.

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Generally Whatsapp is always on and connected to the internet. There is no logout settings for WhatsApp which is designed for receive a message quickly as soon as possible, even when you are not actively using your cellphone, just like text SMS. It will deliver your message instantly.

Officially there is no sign out or logout options are available in WhatsApp settings to deactivate account temporarily like Facebook, Twitter or other services providers and this is really a big drawback of WhatsApp. So here is the simple technique to which will deactivate you WhatsApp account for sometime and no root required.

Steps to temporarily deactivate your WhatsApp Account :

Step 1 :

On your Android Phone Go to Settings -> Accounts -> WhatsApp


Turn Off Sync Contacts


Step 2:

Again Go to Settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> WhatsApp




Note: Never click CLEAR DATA  which will uninstall your WhatsApp account.

That’s it. Now your WhatsApp accounts is temporarily deactivated. Your WhatsApp application would have stopped from external connections and would have gone in passive mode.

Note: Do not ever try to open WhatsApp at this stage because if you do so, its equal to making it active again.

If you want activate your whatsapp again? Just Go to Settings -> Accounts -> WhatsApp and then Turn On Sync Contacts. Now open your WhatsApp it will work as usual.

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