How to spy WhatsApp deleted messages

The most famous messenger app in the world is WhatsApp. It is using across the world in many countries. It is internet based instant messaging service which is used to communicate with people. With the help of internet connection, you can send digital messages to other who is very far. This messaging app exchange messages without paying any message charges. This application is compatible for about all the devices. Majorly used operation systems are namely Android, Windows, I phone, Blackberry and else. These are the operating system which is majorly used in mobile phones. This messenger app used to use same internet data plan which you use for email or web browsing. It offers you to always connect with a friend and no cost for this service; it is absolutely free for all operating system.

How to spy WhatsApp deleted messages

Due to regular use of messenger app parents want to read their child’s messages and else. Sometimes it is necessary to know WhatsApp messages. There are spy tools available which can help to know different aspect such as

  • View all WhatsApp messages
  • Find out name and numbers
  • View time and date of conversation
  • The detail will upload to the spy tools.

Spy tools such as mobile track, GuestSpy and else that spy tools provides number of facilities

Manage call

GuestSpy is a spy tool which indicates the incoming and outgoing call details with time and call duration.

Monitor text message

Though the GuestSpy provides WhatsApp spy it helps to know inbox, outbox, drafts messages.

View multimedia files

The spy tool provides ability to access media files which are saved in the internal or external memory.

Backup data

When your phone has stolen, and you have lost important details, data then must use this spy tool which can help to recover data.

How to recover deleted messages of WhatsApp?

To store the deleted WhatsApp messages, you need to download spy tool on the computer. After installing the software in the computer connects the Android or else which you have to restore deleted messages. After connecting the phone to the computer then switch on the USB debugging mode. This option you will find in developer setting in setting in the setting menu. After enabling USB debugging the spy software scanned the files saved in memory.

Command the system to scan the program that is why you need to grant the system for privilege scanning for recovering deleted messages. After usefully scanning, the system the software will allow you to have all the deleted data. But it is not a fast way, the software works fast, but the scanning process may take a long time. This is why it said the slow process of getting deleted messages. All the photos, videos, messages, chat history, time, and much more you will get in small time. The spy tool or recovering software you can download from the internet. Access their website and click on the download link.

After successfully downloading the software allow you to have great facilities like WhatsApp message recovery. Except this, you can take a look for mobile storage and save it to the software storage.

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