How to Setup Whatsapp Web Client with an Android

Whatsapp for Android is finally available on desktops via a Chrome web client. If you want to access your Whatsapp account on your computer and setup Whatsapp web client, make sure you have your Android device connected to the internet and do as follows:

1. Open Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop2. Head to: and wait for the webpage to show the QR code3. Now open Whatsapp on your Android device (Make sure the latest version is installed)4. Tap the 3dot icon on the top right, and go to the Whatsapp Web option5. Now use your your phone to scan the QR code shown in the desktop browser6. Wait for the connection to establish and you are all set.** Note that the Whatsapp Web Client works properly as long as your Android device has an internet connection

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