How to set-up and use Do-Not-Disturb on your iPad


One of the lesser known feature settings in iOS is Do-Not-Disturb.  First introduced in iOS 6, Do-Not-Disturb is a very useful utility that is easy to configure, and provides users with one unique function.  iPad users can choose when and what notifications and calls they receive.  Here’s how to set-upon your iPad.

Open the Settings app, and select Do-Not-Disturb (the icon with the crescent moon).  At this point you can either turn the Manual controls on–which will keep all alerts from coming through, or you can schedule when you would like to have your notifications and FaceTime calls muted.


Unless you need to keep all your alerts from going through immediately, the best choice here is probably going to be the scheduled option.  By scheduling when Do-Not-Disturb is activated you can pick a general time range you would like to have the feature evoked.  For me, I typically schedule the feature to come on when I’m sleeping, because that is when I am least likely to respond to notifications.  Furthermore, and most importantly, that is when I don’t want to be awakened by notification sounds.


You can also configure if you would like to silence notifications all the time or just when the iPad is locked.  In addition, you can decide who you would like to allow calls from, and if repeated FaceTime calls from the same person within three minutes will be allowed to come through without being silenced.  Nice touch to allow those emergency calls to come through even when you have Do-Not-Disturb enabled.



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