How to Set Empty Status on Whatsapp

Officially WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to keep there WhatsApp status blank or empty. But we are providing you the solution for this. Whatsapp provides privacy too in terms of Profile Photo, Status and Last Seen by three privacy privileges Everyone, Nobody, or My Contacts. You can easily switch any one of these setting. These privileges can be used by users for example set Nobody for Status,which  means your status will not be shown to anyone although there is something written on your status. But that’ s not the solution that you want. You want it to make your status empty or blank not invisible.  So here is the solution for it-

Method to Set Empty Status on Whatsapp

1. First Copy Two Symbols that are give below

   Symbol:  ⇨ ຸ 2. Go to WhatsApp then open status and edit that. 3. Now paste those copied symbol in the status like below.

4. Now Remove The Arrow Sign(⇨) from copied symbol.

5. Press OK and check your whatsapp status. Now your whatsapp status is changed successfully to an empty status.

Note:- In order to cross verify it , you can check your whatsapp status from your friends mobile.

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