How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Number

WhatsApp messages

Now a days, we all knows that WhatsApp is the top most application for fast and quick messaging with pictures, videos, audios etc. Almost all the people use WhatsApp every time to send WhatsApp messages. Day by day, developers add so many new features, like video calling, audio calling. So when we want to send a message or call to anyone from WhatsApp, first we need to save the number and then we have to refresh the WhatsApp contact list to find the particular contact. After that we can send message or call to the particular contact.

But sometimes we do not want to save the number just for one time messaging. But so far, WhatsApp did not add this feature. So what’s the solution?

So in this article I am going to tell you the easy process to send message or call anyone on WhatsApp in just seconds without saving the phone number.

An application which is developed by an Indian developer helps the user to use this feature. The name of the application is “Click 2 Chat”. This is very useful app. The best part of this app is that this application does not need a rooted android mobile and also the application is free to use. From Google Play you can easily download the application. File size of this app is very less, also the rating is 4.3.

Just download the application from play store and use the amazing features. This application is also having the interesting feature such as Send Message Later, that’s mean you can schedule WhatsApp Message. Some more features recently added such as “Stories” and “Jokes”. Using the “Stories” feature, you can download recent stories picture and to send a joke, just tap on “+” sign, you can get too many jokes from there.

How To Use:

Step 1: Install the application from Play Store and open it.

Click 2 Chat

Step 2: Enter the mobile number to whom you want to send a message. Enter your message or hit the plus sign to get jokes.

Step 3: Send now or Send Later.

Step 4: If hit on Send Now, your Chat option will automatically open on WhatsApp messenger and then send the message.

For tutorial guide watch this video:

That’s it friends. This is the easy way to send message on WhatsApp without saving mobile number. I hope you like my article. Thank you….

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