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How send invitation links to friends to invite them to join whatsapp group-

The new beta version of Whatsapp is out and there  is something new  just like all the time. With the new Whatsapp release, you’ll be able to send invitation links to your friends to join your groups .Go into the article to find out all regarding the new and latest Whatsapp release.

Note: You must be the admin of a group to generate its invitation link.

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Step 1:

Open the group that you are an admin of. Now click on the 3 dots icon at the top to interface as shown in following screenshot.


Step 2:

Now click on Group Info Option as shown in following screenshot

Step 3:

Now your group will be open at screen .At right top corner of screen,you will able to see add participant icon.Click on it. Or you can click on Add Participant option below the Participants section .


Step 4:

Now in top most list of your whatsapp contacts, you will be able to see an option named Invite to group via link. Click on it.

whatsapp invitation link

Step 5:

Now your done. You will get to sharable invite link for your group to invite friends to join this group. Now you can choose an option through which you can share these invite link.

whatsapp invitation link

Step 6:

Now your friend just needs to click on this sharable link to join the group,this is as simple as that.

join whatsapp group


join whatsapp group

How to Deactivate sharable link by revoking it

Step 7:

If you want to stop people from joining your group by using this link, you can always do this with the help of revoke the link. For that, simply click on the Revoke link option.

whatsapp group

Step 8:

When asked for confirmation, just click on the  Revoke Link option.Now no one will use it to join this group.

whatsapp group

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead & enjoy the power of these feature of whatsapp on your mobile.Experience these feature of whatsapp.

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