How to Send Songs on WhatsApp or Any file as you want (Android)

Have you ever tried to Send Songs on WhatsApp? Or if you prefer to share Microsoft Word document, PDF docs, Android apps or any other files via WhatsApp, here is the solution. I have written this article aimed to both beginners and experienced users.

WhatsApp is a brilliant messaging service in the world, over one billion people connecting with this service monthly, including you and me. It allows sharing text messages, Images, videos, locations, PDF documents, and contacts with our friends, families or others.

Although WhatsApp supports most popular media files, it has some limitation about sending files. Such as it supports only for sending PDF documents, doesn’t support to sending large videos (more than 16 MB), doesn’t allow to send songs or MP 3 files and so on.

Send any files via WhatsApp using WhatsTools

However, we can crack the limitation of WhatsApp using “WhatsTools” Android app, and It is a cloud-based file sending application, and it uses your Google Drive to send and store your files. And don’t think much more about your file size, WhatsApp allows you to send only 16 MB or less file size. But you can send files up to 1 GB through this app.

Before you sending files, you should log into your Google Drive account through this app. Now, a pop-up will appear whenever you tried to attach files on WhatsApp, and you can add any file from the particular pop-up window. Once you added files to WhatsTools, it will upload and generate a link for the uploaded file, automatically. Then you can send generated link to others, and they can download the file by tapping the link that you have sent to them. Likewise, we can also send songs on WhatsApp to others. Let’s take a look at below, how we can do it so.

How to Send Songs on WhatsApp

Step 1: First of all, Click on this link and download the “WhatsTools” app from google play store


Step 2: Now, launch the app from app drawer, swipe left intro, and tap the “Get Started” button


Step 3: Once you touched the “Get Started” button, it will ask you to “turn on” the accessibility service for “WhatsTools” on your phone. To do so, tap the “turn on” button and enable accessibility service from the settings page for this app.


Step 4: Then you should connect “WhatsTools” with Google drive, therefore tap the “Click here to Sign in” button on WhatsTools. Now, a pop-up window will appear with your existing Google account that already associated with your phone. Then select an account which you want to use with WhatsTools app.


Step 5: Now, you must give permission to “WhatsTools” to access your Google account, you can perform it through tapping the “Allow” button on the pop-up window that will appear after you have selected your Google account.


Step 6: Next, open your WhatsApp account and select a person or group, then tap the “Attach” button at the top of right corner on WhatsApp. Now WhatsTools will pop-up from the bottom and tap the “Music” icon on that window.


Step 7: Then select a song from your phone through appearing window and tap the share button. (if it is a private file, then make sure the checkbox has unticked front of “Add To Public”)


Step 8: Finally, “WhatsTools” will generate a unique link to your file automatically, and it will show at “Type a message” section, then tap the send button.


That’s it. Now, the recipient can download the file that you have sent them, by tapping the link.

Final verdict:

This article tells a “way to send songs on WhatsApp” using a third party app. The “WhatsTools” app is a handy tool to send files on WhatsApp; it has used not only for sending songs but also it allows you to send Android apps (APK files), Audio, Microsoft Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. Another good thing is this the app supports to send bigger files, up to 1GB. So, forget about WhatsApp‘s 16MB limitation for videos and just send a movie to your friend via WhatsApp using WhatsTools app.

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