How To Send More Than 16 mb On Whatsapp-Video/Audio File

Do you want to know how to send more than 16 mb on whatsapp? Are you looking for the best method to forward audio file of bigger than 16 mb from whatsapp to your friends, family or for your business? Go ahead, you’re at right webpage.

While there are a lot of amazing features of Whatsapp there is one drawback also of Whatsapp. There is a limit of file size which you can send using Whatsapp. You will be able to send the files with maximum size of 16 MB using Whatsapp.

There are few methods which you can follow to send video & audio which are greater than 16 MB in size on Whatsapp. We are going to share all those methods here:

#1: Forwarding Video/Audio greater than 16 mb For Android devices

If you are using an Android device, you need to follow the steps which we have shared below:

You can now easily send the converted video of 16+ mb to your friends on Whatsapp.

How To Send More Than 16 mb On Whatsapp

Using this Windows phone application, you can easily convert any video or audio and send to whatsapp. There is one more amazing feature of this application which is you can also record the videos directly using Whatsapp.

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