How to Send Large Videos

I have been there. You take a video at a party and you want to share it with your friends. You try to send large video using iMessage or SMS from your iPhone. You will get a message saying Video is Too Long. I know, This is really frustrating. iMessage should automatically reduce video resolution and send it. Thats what most messaging apps, including WhatsApp. do. If the video is too long, like more than 2 mins, You can’t send that large video using iMessage App. Video size might be few hundred MBs to GB. iMessage has message size limit.

video is too long when sending large video iphone

How to Send Large Videos, Photos from iPhone

There are several ways to send large HD videos, photos from iOS device like iPhone or iPad. You can use other messaging apps, cloud file storage services, AirDrop etc

Using Messaging Apps to Send Large Videos and Photos from iPhone You can use your favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp to send large videos. Messaging Apps compress the video to lower resolution and send it. If you want to send original higher resolution videos, continue reading…

Using Cloud Storage Services to Send Large Videos and Photos from iPhone Use Cloud Storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Photos to send large, original videos. If you have any of the these apps installed, It is fairly easy to share the large files.

Using AirDrop to Send Large Videos from iPhone AirDrop is available starting from iPhone 5. If the person you are trying to send to is near by and have iPhone, AirDrop is quickest and easiest way to send large videos, photos etc. You don’t need to signup for anything. It is already available in iPhone or iPad or Mac. Read more about using AirDrop on Apple site.

Reduce Large Videos to Smaller Size Videos You can trim the video or reduce the size of large video by exporting to SD format or lower resolution. iMovie app allows you to create a project and export the movie to lower resolution like 360p, 540p or 720p. After saving the video, You can share reduced size video using iMessage. You can download iMovie app for free for iOS 9 devices with initial activation on or after September 1, 2013.

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