How to Send Fake location on WhatsApp

Want to Send Fake location to your WhatsApp friends? Some WhatsApp Best buddies, especially the opposite gender friends will be always keep on tracking you through Whatsapp status messages, Whatsapp DP Pics, Whatsapp display messages, text messages & Phone calls. Some might even ask you Share the current location (i.e.) where you are currently located. Some old unwanted friends will be asking your location to share on WhatsApp. If they are near, they will obviously come and meet you at the nearest location. But you don’t want to meet the person. So if he/she asking you sends the Current location on WhatsApp, then here is an article for your guys to share the fake location on WhatsApp from your smartphone.

How to send fake location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for sending & sharing current location. If you are not aware of this feature itself then we highly recommend you to check out the article on How to share the location on WhatsApp. With the help of that your WhatsApp buddy can find you through Google maps and they can come to specified location that you shared on the WhatsApp. You might also face a situation where you want to send fake location on WhatsApp & save from danger. Then you must follow the below steps to send fake location to your friend on WhatsApp. Fake Whatsapp location can be sent from all your Android, Windows, and iPhone.


Procedures for sending fake location in Android, iPhone & windows will be almost same. The Only difference is the option button. For iPhone the options will be located at the left bottom of the screen. For Android the option button is located at the top right (i.e.) Attachment symbol to send the location.

Steps to Share Fake Location on WhatsApp:

Step #1: First switch on the GPS location services on your iPhone. Go to settings to switch on your GPS location services.

Step #2: To turn on the GPS location, under settings select Location service and tap on the toggle button to turn on. Before doing make sure Whatsapp will allow accessing your GPS location.

Step #3: Now go to WhatsApp applications. Select the Contact to share the fake location on Whatsapp chat.

Step #4: If you want to generally share the original current location to your friend then for iPhone tap on the bottom left button (i.e.) Button with arrow inside the circle. Select “Share location” from options available. If android Mobile Phone, then click the attachment symbol which is present at the right top of the screen

Step #5: To send the fake location on WhatsApp You may with search box or you pin the incorrect location. (i.e.) you need to type the location in the search box which is displayed at the top of the screen. You can also & now tap on search. Then select the location from the search results. Also you can click on the hide map button where maps get enlarged & the current area is spotted as of now. No Zoom & PIN the new area on the Map. So that the pined faked area will be shared as the Fake location

Step #6: Click on Send your location which will be appeared on the screen. That’s it you have successfully sent the fake location to the selected contact.

Bonus Tip: Let’s say you have this WhatsApp trick to your friend & your friend is sending the fake location. Do you want to find whether he/she is sending the original or fake location? Then here is an ultimate guide to figure out the People who sent you the fake location on Whatsapp

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