How To Send An Entire Whatsapp Conversation To Someone’s Mail Id

How to send an entire WhatsApp conversation to someone’s mail id:- Sometimes you might want to take the backup of a single WhatsApp conversation. In such a situation, copy pasting the entire chat to a text file is nothing but an impossible task. In that case, you can just mail the entire conversation to your own mail id and access it right from your E-mail client. In some other cases, you might want to send a friend’s chat to some other friend to prove a point or something. In that case too, taking screenshots and sending the entire chat is not a simple task to perform. Here also, mailing the entire Whatsapp conversation proves to be extremely useful. It doesn’t matter whether it is an individual chat or a group chat; you can always use the Whatsapp mail chat feature to mail both types of chats. Follow the steps below to learn how to successfully mail your Whatsapp conversations.


  • Open the Whatsapp chat that you want to be E-mailed. It can be a group chat or an individual chat. Now click on the More actions icon at the top right corner of the screen.


  • From the menu that gets expanded out, click on the option that says More.


  • A new menu opens up which has the options namely Clear chat, Email chat and Add shortcut. If you want to clear the entire chat, you can simply click on Clear chat option. To mail the conversation, click on the Email chat option as shown in the screenshot.


  • You will be asked to select a mailing application that’s already installed in your phone through a popup box namely Send chat via…. Select the mailing application as per your choice.


  • Your entire Whatsapp conversation will be packed up in a single text file, all ready to be shipped.


  • Specify the recipient mail id as shown in the screenshot given below.


  • There you are! Your job is done. The recipeint can open his/her mail to get the chats sent by you.


  • Even the media files can be attached and sent, just as simple as that.

So that’s it. Now you need not go through the pain of taking screenshots and sending those screenshots to your friend. You can just mail the entire conversation with a single click. Hope you found the article useful.

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