How To See The DP And Status Of Friend Who Is Not In Contact

In today’s time I don’t think there would be any person without Whatsapp account on their smartphone. It is one of the fastest growing networks that has become so popular with million users in just no time.

Whatsapp Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows you to communicate with other people with an internet connection. But it doesn’t mean you don’t require anything. Whatsapp only works with Internet connection and you can only contact with people who are also having Whatsapp account. No matter which phone you are using, say Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows, its cross-platform compatibility makes it convenient on any platform.


Even you can access Whats App on your laptop also. With the updated version of Whatsapp, there is much functionality added to make it more convenient and safe. At first there was no concept of hiding last seen, profile picture and status. But with increasing security concerns, Whats App has provided many additional features likes the choice of hiding last seen or status or profile pictures from other people.

Whatsapp Privacy Setting

Whatsapp provides you three privacy options, Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. This means you can change your privacy setting to Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody for Profile picture, Status and last seen. Or you can even block anyone from your contacts. If you want to hide your profile picture, last seen or status then can easily do that depending on your choice.

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Check if He/she has read your message

Sometimes we wish to see if our special one has read our message or not. It might possible they won’t reply back then how to know if he/she has read the message. If text is coming back then for sure message has been read but if not then how to know about it.


Recently ,new feature of Whatsapp also come in picture, that you might even notice, blue double tick. This things allows you to know who has seen your message and when.

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Just click on symbol and it will give you entire message information like when message delivered and when it is read.


But if you don’t want anyone to know message has read or not then go to Setting –> Account –> Privacy and then uncheck Read Receipts.


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Have you ever wondered why you are not able to see anyone’s profile photo, last seen or status? Or eagerly wanted to see anyone’s status or last seen, might be your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends. Wondered if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp or not?

Well, Whatsapp is used worldwide and we got so many questions regarding Whatsapp. Like how one can see Whatsapp Profile photo, how to know when someone read my message and if someone has blocked or not. With the increasing use of Whatsapp, concern regarding such issue is increasing. So, your wait is over guys. Today we have come up with the solution of all your queries. Have a look

See status and Last seen if someone is not in your contact

Well, last seen on Whatsapp comes with policy, if you would allow anyone to see your last seen then only you will be allowed to see others last seen. But it also depends on others privacy, what is their privacy. If the person is not in your contact and opted for Everyone Privacy setting then by changing your last seen setting, you would be able to see his/her last seen.

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How to know if you are blocked on Whats App?

If you can’t see your friends, ex gf/bf profile photo, status or last seen then you might think he/she has blocked me on Whatsapp. But this is not the case. It might possible but not all time and here comes two possibilities. If anyone of these exist the for sure you are not blocked and you can still text or see when they are coming online, not last seen but ONLINE when they will use Whatsapp.

1. You are not in your friend list but it is the privacy concerns.

Profile Photo to Everybody

Last seen to Nobody

Status to Nobody

2. You are in their contact list but privacy setting are like

Profile picture to My Contacts only

Last Seen to Nobody

Status to Nobody

But when you would come online and if the respective person also come online at the same time, then you would see ONLINE which means you are not blocked, just not in your contacts, but may in contacts but again privacy.

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