How to Schedule Whatsapp Message in Android


Hello guys welcome to this amazing article, nowadays many of peoples using whatsapp, so they also need whatsapp tricks, in this article we are going to describe a amazing trick which can allow you to schedule whatsapp message, you can use this trick in your android device and you can also use in iPhone, so not matter which OS are you using, because nowadays whatsapp chat messenger application is available for android, iphone, windows operating systems, often you need to wish birthday to your best friend on 11:59PM. But you forgot it, and your friend angry on you. So in this case you can use Whatsapp Message Scheduler App, which can setup your message sending according to your requirement.

Schedule Whatsapp Message

Guys now you can send message to your friend in anytime, means if you need to send an attachment on 2PM, but you will doing any other work in that time, so this application can help you to do this thing, if you want to use 2 whatsapp account in your 1 android device then you can read this article to Use Dual Whatsapp in Single Android Device, or you can directly install GB Whatsapp in your android for do this thing. if you find for another trick about whatsapp! then you can find your tricks in our website whatsapp tricks section. We provide you only working methods, so now we are going to share the schedule whatsapp messages trick.

whatsapp message schedule

You can not schedule your messages in facebook, twitter, hike, we chat and other chat applications, because currently they apps or websites not added this amazing feature in their social networks. But nowadays you can possible many things with some applications, in this article we also have a great app, which can schedule whatsapp messages according to your time or date, but it comes with a condition, if you want to send a message by schedule, then your phone’s must be connected to the internet. If your Internet or Wifi not connected in the time of message scheduling, then the app not send your message.

Whatsapp Messages Scheduler

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