How To Scan The Code and Use WhatsApp Web

The communication bug, WhatsApp has hit the web. Introducing the new sensational WhatsApp Web, which makes WhatsApp available on both your phone and computer. WhatsApp web is a newly developed software based connection that is an extensible version of the WhatsApp account you have installed on your smartphones. The software provides a huge advantage of accessing WhatsApp from both sources as the software syncs the messages that are sent and received over your Smartphone. The changes you make on your WhatsApp phone account will be applied on your PC. This system has only one disadvantage that is WhatsApp web can only be availed via select Smartphone models. The smartphones supporting WhatsApp web are Nokia S60, Blackberry, Windows Phone and BB10 category smartphones. Well one more thing the users must keep in mind is that WhatsApp web does NOT mean that you are having two accounts on WhatsApp. It simply means that you can access WhatsApp on both devices.

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Requirements For Using WhatsApp Web

If you wish to install and use WhatsApp web, these are the minimum platform type and requirements you must know:

  • To use WhatsApp web it is necessary that you have a working WhatsApp account on your phone. If you do not have it, install it.
  • A steady internet connection is necessary on both the devices, that is computer and smartphone, in order to run this service smoothly.
  • The browser platform that you use on your PC must be Google Chrome. If you do not have it, download and install it to run WhatsApp web.

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How To Get Started with Web Whatsapp: Pair and Scan Code

The following are the steps users are required to follow in order to avail WhatsApp web are:

  • First you have to pair your smartphone device and your PC.
  • Next visit the official website of WhatsApp Web: . Make sure you have the Google chrome browser as the website can only run on that.
  • Open the WhatsApp Menu on your smartphone and follow the step: Menu–> WhatsApp Web. This will open access and allow your PC to sync with your phone.
  • Scan the QR code that you receive on your PC. Verify the code on both devices and get started with WhatsApp web.
scanning the QR code for web whatsapp

Use your smartphone to browse through WhatsApp web after the syncing is complete in order to view the computers logged in or logged out. The device will show all those who were and are active on WhatsApp Web.

It is important for users to remember that WhatsApp web requires steady and heavy data usage. A dongle or a data pack might be exhausted easily. Thus if you are accessing WhatsApp web it is advisable to use Wi-Fi network.

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