How to save and restore WhatsApp messages on Android


One of the best tools used for conversation on Android is WhatsApp Messenger. You can easily use it to have conversations with your relatives friends or whoever you want. The popularity of this application is on a very high level because you can share multimedia content, text or other stuff that you like. The application was downloaded half a million times and will probably be downloaded more and more by smartphone users.

Almost everyone is asking about a backup of the messages stored by this application. You should know that if you are changing your device or your SIM from phone to phone, you have the possibility of keeping your old messages. It is a very easy process and you can see it done in a minute if you follow the steps below.

  1. First, you should open the WhatsApp application from the App Drawer and tap the Menu key. Then, you will need to go to Settings and navigate to Chat settings section.
  2. Now, you will simply need to tap the Backup conversations button and from now on, you messages will be safe.

If you want to restore the messages of the WhatsApp application, you will need to copy the WhatsApp folder found on your SD card storage to your PC. If you have the WhatsApp application installed on your new device, you will need to uninstall it. Now, you will copy the application’s folder from your PC to the SD card of your new device and install the WhatsApp application. You will be asked if you want to restore your Backup and you will tap Yes.

Now, you can use your new device which has all your old messages stored. You can continue old conversations from the point you stopped them before.

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