How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Text messaging is great. Right up until the point your phone bugs out or your finger slips and all of a sudden your messages are gone. Unfortunately with a phone there’s no recycle bin you can go and restore them from but there are things you can do to retrieve deleted text messages without a headache.

It’s also a nightmare watching someone hide messages from you. Driving you crazy to not know what’s going on?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to buy expensive software, get any special cables or start pulling your phone apart. TextRar specializes in helping people restore their lost text messages (as well as instant messages, emails, calls and pretty much everything that goes through a phone) with step by step guides, videos and software. And it doesn’t require any technical know how!

How to Intercept Text Messages

intercept text message

Whatever caused your texts to be deleted in the first place we’ll do our best to help and restore them. We’re constantly updating to cover the latest techniques and handsets and we’re always confident to say we can help.

We don’t run a business fixing peoples phones for astronomical prices or anything like that. We help people restore the messages on their own phones as easily as possible. We might (in some situations) suggest tools or services but the majority of our users can use free tools and work with our free guides to restore everything at 0 cost.

Our time and costs are supported by advertising on the website. Other than that restoring text messages on the latest phones is just a hobby for us.

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NEW for 2014: The LALLPT SMS Retrieval Software!

The LALLPT retrieval tool is free to download and designed to retrieve deleted text messages on all major phones including:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry

It currently provides the highest retrieval rate of any tool out there. Easy to use, frequently updated and (best of all) it’s a community driven free tool available for download:

how to retrieve deleted text message

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone

retrieving deleted text messages iphone

Luckily, in terms of retrieving deleted text messages, the iPhone has a very clear advantage. In fact it has one of the best records for managing to store deleted text messages for as long as possible and still being able to recover them. There’s still no absolute guarantee that you’ll always manage to get back deleted data but it has the best chance and the easiest methods of doing so. We keep an updated tracker of working methods of how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone models.

In general we don’t guarantee any messages will be recovered but with the iPhone it’s kind of hard to go wrong when it comes to retrieval. A few clicks and you’re set to go. It’s not just limited to messages you can basically recover anything of this device. Apple users certainly have it easier in this arena although (depending on the method or software you’re using) you might have to jailbreak the phone. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy and we can talk you through that.

Whether your phone has been factory reset, broken or a message was accidentally (or purposefully) deleted we can restore it. And, once found, we can sync it back to the phone so it will look like it was never out of place. And, best of all, the software can do everything for you. So you don’t need to worry about tech jargon or paying someone to do it for you. Though, if you are into the tech side of things you might be interested to see how easy it is to recover deleted data from an iPhone 5.

You can download the main software by hitting the link on our homepage or if you want to jump straight to the iPhone section then take a look at the tracker for Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone recovery.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Android

As little as a year ago it was next to impossible to recover deleted messages on an Android phone. But since their popularity kept growing the boys in the lab got their thinking hats on and it’s now the easiest phone to recover messages on.

Not only do they generally have large data storage (the more storage available the better the chance that your text message is still on there) but they don’t require jail breaking or any special hardware. Plug the phone into your computer and hit go. Same as the iPhone we’re not limited to just text messages you can pretty much restore anything that was on the phone regardless or how or why it was deleted. Just as long as it is still hidden away on the memory we can find it and save it back to the phone. It’ll look like nothing was ever missing and you can choose individual messages to recover or pull them all back.

Because every Android phone is going to use the same footprint it doesn’t matter if it’s Galaxy s3, a Note 1 or… well you get the point. Android is Android and it deletes messages the same way which means we can recover them the same way.

To get started hit the download link at the top of the page or take a look at the retrieve deleted text messages Android specific tracker.

retrieve deleted text messages android

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From BlackBerry

As much as they might be trying to brand themselves differently these days BlackBerry seems to be mainly a corporately used phone. Which makes it even more annoying when you lose text messages you were hoping to keep with your meeting details.

There’s not a lot of flexibility when it comes to a BlackBerry but there are a few techniques you can try and we track them on the how to retrieve deleted text messages on Blackberry page. Some of these techniques are as easy as they come and don’t need anything but a few clicks of your phone.

Now normally I suggest people turn off their mobiles when they want to recover their data so they reduce their chances of overwriting the deleted data locations. With a BlackBerry messages can actually be stored within the cache so you should keep your phone on and charged so you don’t lose power.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages on Other Phones

recover deleted text messages

Not all of us are using a smartphone and obviously this comes into effect here. When you’re trying to recover deleted text messages on an older ‘standard’ mobile phone your success can be a bit of a mixed bag. On some phones it’s going to be easier because there’s not a bunch of junk memory usage getting in our way. In other cases, it’s going to be harder. It really depends on the phone in general but for the most part we’re able to recover messages from nearly any type of phone it just depends on how the phone works and what kind of memory we can get access to.

We’re aiming to cover as many models as possible and a good 30% of our users do not use a smart phone and we’re still able to retrieve texts for them.

We can’t ever really make any guarantees when it comes to retrieving deleted text messages and older non-smart phones are probably the worst for this. We try to cover as much as we can in our overall tracker and if you get in touch with us we’ll do our best to see what we can do with your specific model if we haven’t already looked at it. To start with however I’d say give the tool a try because chances are we’ll have something in there which can apply to your model already and the quicker we start trying to access your phones memory the more chance we’re going to have of retrieving the data (and this matters more when your phone isn’t carrying a 20 GB hard drive).

Specialist Phone Recovery Techniques

If the basics don’t cut it there are a couple of specialist services out there. Some companies sell proprietary recovery software which can be more effective than the public stuff while others get you to mail your mobile phone to them and they do what they can. Some of these techniques, services and software can be expensive.

Some of them are pretty dire. There’s a lot of useless equipment and software people are trying to sell out there but there are also some pretty useful ones. We’ve reviewed a couple of good ones and pointed out a few as an example of the kinds of things you really should avoid. You could also consider using the LALLPT SMS tool which has the highest success rate. It’s also user friendly and frequently updated meaning we keep our high success rate.

The best I ever saw was someone ask the guy behind the counter of a general tech/computer repair store if they could restore deleted text messages on her iPhone. The easiest phone to recover messages on by the way. I watched the guy behind the desk Google it (yes we showed up there) flick through a few pages of free tools and techniques and then charged her. Finding deleted text messsages (especially on an iPhone) is as simple as plugging it in and hitting go. Yet there are some people out there touting themselves as experts and charging for it when they’re really doing nothing you can’t do for free.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone is charging people to use our TextRar tool on their phone.

Another common scam we’ve seen are people selling SIM card readers. Maybe a decade ago this would have worked but these days SIM cards do not store text messages by default. If you really want to see the tech side of things look at the WiKi and compare that to the storage capacity on your modern phone. So even if there was anything there (which there won’t be) it’s unlikely to still be there now. The TextRar project focuses on how to retrieve deleted text messages without a SIM card – or even a working phone sometimes. If you see someone trying to sell you a SIM reader then they clearly don’t know what they’re doing and shouldn’t be allowed near your phone.

So let’s face it. You’re trying to do something online and all you get is a ton of tech jargon, right?

Now don’t get me wrong. We can do the tech jargon. We know exactly what is going on with your phone and what we’re going to have to do to get it sorted. But we know it’s boring, complicated and you don’t really need to know all the gritty details. So that’s why we created our tool to help you recover deleted text messages without really trying to explain what’s going on. For those that are interested or trying to troubleshoot problems with their phone we do give the option to explain what we’re doing. But for the most part our goal is for you to click a few buttons and recover your deleted texts without any fuss.

Deleted text recovery (when you’re determined to make it work) covers everything from looking in memory locations where deleted information is stored and pulling it back to safety, abusing bugs to kind of trick your mobile phone into thinking the text was never really deleted and just generally dragging those messages back from the dead.

Our TextRar tool is under constant work. We’re trying to get it as close as possible to be a one click solution to find deleted text messages as quickly as possible and help you retrieve them as easily as we can. In some cases this means the software can do everything for you and in others it’ll take you through the steps involved in trying to recover them.

Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages on Another Phone?

This is a question we get pretty frequently. Can you take the software we have here and recover someone else’s lost data?

intercept text messages

It’s a whole other question, however, if you’re asking about accessing deleted data on another persons phone without them knowing. We’re not lawyers here so I’m not going to give you legal advice. Yes, technically it possible and I believe in some situations and in some places it is perfectly legal – but there are also cases of people accessing data belonging to someone else when they were not supposed to and it working out badly for them.

There have apparently been cases where people created cell repeaters and as phones connected (not knowing the difference in that and a normal cell phone signal) they were scooping up text messages and other data information being sent through the phone. These devices basically pretend to be a cell phone tower and your phone (or whatever device) treats them exactly like that.

Use your best judgement and check your local laws is probably the best advice we could give you there.

But from a technical standpoint, yes. If you have physical access to the phone then retrieving the deleted messages is possible. There are tools out there which you can install onto a phone and even monitor data (like text messages) on a phone remotely.

Why They Don’t Want You Retrieving Deleted Text Messages

So why isn’t their a magic un-delete button on your phone for these situations? Why are Apple and Google making you actually work to get your messages back?

They’re not thinking about people who want to get those messages back. And by that I don’t mean that they’re being un-thoughtful. What I mean is they don’t want people to be able to do it. If a phone user selects to delete a message then they want that data gone. The phone developer wants that message gone because the user wants it gone. Now, sure, in some cases a bug will delete the data when you didn’t mean that to happen but that’s not the norm. Or at least, it’s not supposed to be.

So from a security standpoint they want deleted data to stay deleted. They don’t want it deleted well enough to slow your phone down to really make sure that memory is overwritten (which is why we can access and recover the deleted text message in the first place) but they don’t want to make it too easy for just anyone on your phone.

Why Providers Don’t Want you Retrieving Deleted Messages

So the handset makers don’t want you accessing deleted messages, what about the carriers? Some might be wondering why providers (such as Sprint and AT&T) don’t commonly provide software, apps or a service to retrieve your deleted text messages. In fact some don’t even consider the fact that they don’t and they’ll actually call their phone service provider in an attempt to get them to restore an SMS.

But the truth is phone providers generally want a deleted message to stay deleted. If their deleted messages were so easily recovered they’d get a bunch of bad press for leaving sensitive information too easily available. A deleted message on a phone is the same as a deleted file on a computer – ideally they stay deleted.

Learning how to retrieve deleted text messages is never really covered with most phones. Your phone manual won’t have anything on it and the phone store will probably tell you restoring them isn’t possible. You might be lucky and find a tech store which will take your phone and a fee only to return it a few days later with some mumbled excuse. They still keep your money of course.

The problem is we never really worry about our text messages. They’re just, there. Most of the time they don’t get deleted and we don’t accidentally delete the important ones. The problem is occasionally we lose a message we needed to keep and that’s where the problems started.

retrieve deleted text messages

If you’re like me then most of your life is kept on your phone. From the important work messages to the personal sentimental texts you like to look back on. A text message is handy way to keep a note and it’s a great way to re-live a conversation. But when your finger slips or the phone bugs out on you – then those messages can be lost forever.

If you want to recover deleted texts then you want to start doing something quickly. The longer you wait the higher the chance the memory where the deleted text messages are being stored will be deleted. So use your phone as little as possible and get started on recovering them quickly.

Whether or not your messages can be restored depends on how long it has been, the type of handset and the network you’re with. Technologies are constantly changing and we keep updating with the latest methods to help our users recover their texts as quickly and as easily as possible.

We understand that our users are not all ‘tech savvy’ so we keep our guides and tools as easy to follow as possible. You’ll have no barrier using our system to get your texts restored.

I do need to make it clear that we can’t always restore every text or sometimes anything from specific phones. We keep updating and I think we have the best procedures for retrieving messages on almost all of the most popular phones. But we can’t guarantee what texts you’ll be able to restore if any. We’re confident we can help the majority of our users however and we don’t charge anything for the service.

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