How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Files From WhatsApp ?


What the worst that could happen when you are chatting with your love or friend or any person i.e “Accidentally deletion of chat history or photo, videos and media files“. This is the worst part of some important conversation. From the beginning of the evolution of  telecommunication services from graham bell telephone to latest smartphone device people are try to conserve the conversation history so that they can check later in the future for their own good purposes.

We are living in the era of social media where Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp all have free messaging services but, it is hard to restore the deleted files or chat history from them.

So, in this article we are tearing down the methods by which you can restore deleted files and chat history from WhatsApp.

Restore Recent Chat History from WhatsApp

The basic method which is used to restore the recently deleted chat history. To do that all you have to do is 

-> Uninstall WhatsApp

-> and Re-install it.

There is no rocket science behind this process. The concept is that WhatsApp daily make a Backup of the database in storage. So. if you re-install your WhatsApp application you can easily restore your recently deleted Chat history. All you gotta do is just tap the icon which says restore and voilà,your recently deleted chat is back in your WhatsApp application.


But, there is a dispute in this method i.e though this process retrieve the chat history but, the history it restore is recent. To restore an event which happen a while ago this method is not befitting

To restore an event happens a while ago there is two main methods to perform that process.

-> Using a Third Party software to restore the deleted files and chat history from WhatsApp

-> Manual Restore method 

First up the Third party software method

Restore Deleted Chat from WhatsApp via Third Party Service i.e by Recover Messages:

This method is muffled, electric and simple. All you have to do is 

-> Head over to Recover Messages 


-> Select the Database file from the SD Card located on your Android Device.


-> Accept the terms and conditions

-> Select Scan

-> and voilà your database has been completely restored


How this Restore process works?

The process is quiet simple as soon as you select the database file >> The file has been uploaded to the server >> and the decoding process has been started >> as soon as the decoding process got completed >> you’ll receive your Deleted messages.

Now, so people think that this process is not secure because the process require uploading of a database file which may or may not harm the users privacy. So for that kind of issue there is another method.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats Manually from the SD Card

To Restore deleted files form the SD Card manually all you have to do is

-> Head over to the database location in your SD Card i.e /sdcard-> WhatsApp->Databases.


-> Now, in that database it’s name is mentioned as “msgstore-YYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt

-> Copy all the desired files to your Computer.


-> Now make a backup of your msgstore.db.crypt file somewhere else if anything goes wrong

-> Now remember the date when you have master clear your WhatsApp history. Rename that Database file with “msgstore.db.crypt

-> Now put back that file to your Android Device

-> Un-install your WhatsApp and Re-install it.

-> When you re-install your WhatsApp you will get promoted to restore your database.

-> Restore it and voila your old WhatsApp database has been restored.

The only downside of this procedure is that it will completely erase your current database so be aware of that because once you restore your old database you cannot roll-back to the current database that is why the above third party service method is much better.

Now, in the whole process from the beginning to the end we are talking about the Database and chat history but, WhatsApp is a software which is also capable of sharing photos and videos and what is these photos and videos get deleted accidentally ?

To fix this issue

How to Restore Lost Deleted Photos and Videos from WhatsApp Database:

To restore deleted photos and videos all you have to do is

-> Open up your file manager and you will find a WhatsApp folder where it is sub categorised under.

-> Audio

-> Video

-> Photos

-> and you’ll find your photos Videos and all the digital media there.


Messages can be accidentally deleted by anyone and sometimes it is important to retrieve them this guide completely helps you to restore the deleted files and chat history from WhatsApp. Lot of the people might are thinking that this guide is only applicable to Android Device but not to Symbian, Windows, Blackberry or the most popular iPhone Devices(Apple Devices). The procedure works the same with all of these devices but, the basic difference between them is that how you are going to get the database file.

In iOS you have to Jailbreak your iDevice [icons icon=”folder-open” size=”16″] And install a software called -> iFile to extract the data file and same procedure you have to follow in all the other mobile operating systems.

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