How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android Phone or Tablet

People are grumbling that duplicate contacts bring about inconvenience to their life. For instance, duplicate contacts occupy more space and make it difficult to navigate the right contact fast. In the mean time, if you are trying to manually delete duplicate contacts from android like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Nexus one by one, it would be completely waste of time as the process is tedious. Actually, there are easy ways to remove duplicate contacts on android, which will be provided at the below content.

Method 1: Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android with Built-in Feature

Remark: Not all of the android phones has this built-in feature. Here pick HTC One M8 as an example. 1.Access to contacts app at your HTC One M8. 2.Click menu button (combination of three dots) at the top right corner, then tap “Manage contacts”. 3.Tap “Remove duplicate”. A window will pop out that ask for contacts deletion permission, extra contacts will be omitted after you click “OK”.

Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android with Built-in Feature

Method 2: Delete Duplicate Contacts Via Gmail

If you have synced android contacts to Gmail account, then you can merge duplicate contacts on android through Gmail. In which case, you doesn’t have to touch android device to finish the process. 1.Sign in Gmail account and click “Gmail” at the top left corner. 2.Tap contacts, then all of your synced contacts will be revealed at a new window. 3.Locate “Find duplicate” at the left menu and hit it. It will take few time to seek out multiple contacts. And the process depends on the amount of contact. 4.Click “Merge all” on the top right corner after duplicate contacts will be displayed.

Delete Duplicate Contacts Via Gmail

Method 3: Delete Duplicate Contacts via App-Duplicate Contacts

1.Download and run Duplicate Contacts at your android device. 2.Access to app by click it. The duplicate contacts will be displayed and selected automatically. 3.Click “Deleted Selected”, or you could manually select contacts to delete. After affirmation, click “Yes” on the pop out window.

Delete Duplicate Contacts via App

Tip to Avoid Multiple Contacts on Android Device When you factory reset your phone, or flash a ROM, your device will sync saved contacts from Google and other email like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc if syncing is enabled, which causes contacts duplicate. That is why you are proposed to sync contacts only from one account or source.

Prompting If you delete contacts by mistake or lost contacts due to other reasons, such as factory reset, OS update, format, etc, you could apply to Jihosoft Android Data Recovery for Mac to recover lost or deleted contacts from android phone and tablet.

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