How To Remove Camera Button From WhatsApp Chat Box?

How Do I Remove Camera Button From WhatsApp Chat Box?

The new WhatsApp for iOS has two buttons to the right of the chat box. First button is the “camera”, where you can click pictures or load them from your photo album. Second is the “mic” button for sending audio messages. Having them both shrinks the chat box space (box where you type messages) of your WhatsApp Messenger.

So here is a solution that will expand the chat box horizontally by deleting the camera button. Note that you need iOS 7 firmware for this “tweak” to work. Plus, the iPhone and iPad must be jailbroken to get rid of the camera icon.


Here are the 4 steps to follow:

  • Launch Cydia on your iOS 7 device
  • Tap on Search (the last icon from the menu)
  • Type WACamButtonRemover
  • Click Install and Confirm

WACamButtonRemover is a free jailbreak tweak with the sole purpose to fix what’s wrong with the iOS WhatsApp app. Of course, it only removes the camera button, and not the mic button.

Next step: No need to configure any settings after installing WACamButtonRemover. Just open WhatsApp and you will notice the camera button has been removed automatically.

Remember: You will not be able to customize or change WhatsApp text size or settings with this tweak. For that, you have to change internal settings (see: changing WhatsApp font size). To get back the deleted button, uninstall the tweak.

Note: iOS 8 jailbreak is unavailable at the moment. This tweak, we repeat, is only for jailbroken iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 firmware. Also remember that WhatsApp crashes when you type “fi” “ff” “tt”.

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