How to Remotely Logout from WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp web is an amazing feature that allows you to use your WhatsApp on the computer. While using WhatsApp web you can type a message using your computer keyboard, which is way more efficient along with viewing photos and videos on a bigger display. But what if you forget to logout? In such cases your WhatsApp contacts and shared media can be stolen and misused, so it becomes necessary to logout WhatsApp web.

It can be also misused if someone has connected your WhatsApp to WhatsApp web without your knowledge. Your WhatsApp messages can be viewed and chats can be saved. But you need not fear these threats as you have come to the right place. Turns out, you can also remotely logout from WhatsApp web using your smartphone.

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So let’s check if our WhatsApp account is being used somewhere else and how to logout if it’s being used without our knowledge.

To Logout Whatsapp Web from iOS Devices:

  1. Go to settings on your WhatsApp.
  1. Now go to WhatsApp web second option from top given in the settings
  2. If you see this screen that means your WhatsApp is nowhere linked to WhatsApp web.
  1. If you see a web browser icon and an operating system name that means your WhatsApp is currently running on the listed device.
  1. To logout it from your phone tap on “Logout from all computers”

After the confirmation you will be logged out from all other devices apart from your phone.

To Logout Whatssapp Web from Android Devices:

  1. On android devices you can go to WhatsApp web by taping 3 dots present on the top right of WhatsApp home screen.
  1. After going to WhatsApp web if you see a screen like this that means your WhatsApp is being nowhere used apart from your computer.
  1. If you see a screen like this that means your WhatsApp is being used on the listed computer/computers.
  1. You can simply tap on “Log out from all computers” and you will be logged out of WhatsApp web from all the listed computers.

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This is how you can check and can remotely logout of WhatsApp web. It is recommended that you must routinely check that your WhatsApp is not being used by you only. This will help you to maintain a better privacy over WhatsApp conversations. If you face any issue in following the given steps or any other tech related issue you can call our toll free number (855) 765-6710, and one of our technicians will address all your quires.

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