How to Recover Lost Data on Jailbroken iPhone 7/6S/6(Plus)

Begin in the Cook’s visit to China, Pangu have published the iOS 9.0- 9.1 jailbreak to Cook as a gift at the first time all over the world. It is understood that the iOS jailbreak (iOS Jailbreaking) is a supreme authority kind of technical method to get apple iOS operating system’s portable device. When the iOS have jailbreak successfully, it can let users to get the supreme authority of their system, such as to install all kinds of powerful plug-in, to get jailbreak application resources for free, manage and read the files directly. Even further to solve the operate limitation on the mobile phone network. Thanks to Crack iOS 9 and iPhone 6S/7 operators network lock can let iOS users more convenient to use their mobile phones, and it is so sought by many people throughout the world. And if you jailbreak your iOS 9 or iOS 10/iOS 10.1/iOS 10.2, you will find you iPhone or iPad data lost after iOS 9 jailbreak, even iOS 7 jailbreak, iOS 8 jailbreak. So if you found that it cause lots of data lost after iOS 9 jailbreak, how to recover lost data on iPhone 6S/7 after iOS 9 jailbreak? How, who and where can I ask for an useful method to solve this problem? Help!!! Today,let’s teach you how to recover data from a jailbroken iPhone,you can also follow the same steps to restore data from a jailbroken iPad directly,follow the use guide to recover contacts,messages,videos,photos,call history,book marks,etc.from your iPhone, iPad after jailbreaking.

Recover Deleted Data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud Backup Files After Jailbreaking your iPhone 7/6S/6 Don’t worried. Here, we can recommend you a 3rd party iPhone Data Recovery software tool. With the help of FoneLab iOS Data Recovery or FoneLab iOS Data Recovery(Mac) you can easily recover all lost data on your iOS device, including the lost iPhone contacts, text messages, notes, videos, photos, and all kinds of lost data. The iPhone 7/6s/6 Data Recovery not only can help you restore data from a jailbroken iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhne 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6,but also enables you to recover data from iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS,even the last iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus. Free download the iOS Data Recovery:

Part 1: How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 7/6s/6 After Jailbreak

Step 1 Download and Install Program and Connect iPhone to Computer The download file is available from above links. Download and install the program on your computer according. Run the app after installation and the main interface is shown like the following:

Recover Data on Jailbroken iPhone 6 on mac

Note: This app supports both Windows and Mac OSX, so it can be used on PC and Mac computer. In this step, just connect your iPhone to a computer through the USB cable. Make sure iTunes is installed previously. Step 2 Choose a Data Recovery Mode There are 3 recovery options in default: iCloud, iTunes or iOS device. In this case, choose Recover from iOS device from the navigation menu on top of the user interface, which will scan your iPhone’s hard disk to find out the lost files stored on your iPhone previously. However, you can try out the other two options if you preferred.

Restore Data on Jailbroken iPhone 6

Step 3 Begin Scanning Your iPhone Device The program starts to scan your device automatically once the mode was selected. This will take sometime depending on how many files your iPhone has. Once the scanning is completed, you are free to preview the retrieved files and you have the option to only recover specific files selected. Click Recover button to start the recovery process.

Recover Data on iPhone 6 after jailbreak

Step 4 Preview All Scanned Data and Selectively Recover Them The iPhone data recovery software will be able to tell you the filename of any of the files it finds by this method, it can scan the deleted sms and contacts and display them by way of one-to-one correspondence, you can preview them and selectively retrieve them and export them to your personal computer.

Get back lost Data on Jailbroken iPhone 6

Free download the iOS Data Recovery: Tips: This iOS Data Recovery app is the ultimate solution for restoring lost or deleted files from iPhone 5/6/6s/7 without backup files, including iCloud or iTunes backup. It provides a much flexible option for only recovering the desired files instead of recovering all the files as a whole, which will definitely save time and precious disk space. You can hardly find other alterative with such easier and powerful features.

recover data on iPhone 6 after jailbreaking

Recover Lost Data on jailbroken iPhone with Dr.Fone iOS Recovery

Dr.Fone iOS Data Recovery and Dr.Fone iOS Data Recovery(Mac),both are Complete Solutions to Recover Lost and Deleted Data from iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch with a Click! The iPhone iPad Data Recovery, safely, quickly and efficiently restore lost & deleted contacts, messages, photos, notes and much more from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

restore iPhone data aftr jailbreak

Newly supprot iOS 8, iOS 9, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S -Directly scanning to recover 8 kinds of deleted data from iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S, iPod touch 5, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad with Retina display & iPad mini. -Directly scanning to restore 15 kinds of deleted data from iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4 and iPad 1. -Extracting to recover data for all iDevices from iTunes & iCloud backup. -A variety of data loss situations supported, including accidental or intentional deletion, device damage or system crash, factory setting festore, broken device, system crash, ROM flashing, etc. Free download the Dr.Fone iOS Data Recovery and recover data from your jailbroken iPhone directly: Part 2: A Common Way to Restore Jailbroken iPhone

First of all you need to make sure that you have the latest iTunes version on your PC or Mac. This step is crucial as the iTunes application is continually updated with the latest security features, but it also brings numerous functions suitable for recovery methods. If your iTunes installation is not up to date, do update it before moving forward. In this step you need to connect your phone to your computer. You can do that by plugging via the USB drive you use for charging. Once the phone has been detected, you will have to select it in iTunes under the device list you’re your phone is not recognized, you need to enter it in DFU mode. In order to do that you must make sure that the phone is connected firmly via the USB, then hold down the power and home buttons for 10 seconds and, after that, release the power button while also holding the home button. This will complete the detection process.

retrieve data on jailbroken iphone 6s

After the phone is detected you need to enter the Summary tab, then the Restore option. By entering this option you will be able to see different recovery options that are provided within iTunes. Once you enter the path presented above you will be presented with an option to restore your phone. Since the phone is jailbroken is important not to create a backup.

recover files on jailbroken iphone 6

After pressing Don’t Back Up, you will receive a question that asks you if you want to restore. You then need to press the Restore button and wait until the process is completed. Keep in mind that the phone will restart, so don’t panic if you see that happen, as it’s perfectly normal.

recover data on jailbroken iphone 6

The phone will need to keep connected in order to activate itself. If you see such a message wait until it’s stated that the process is completed. You will receive an option to restore from a previous backup but for a jailbroken device you might want to use it as new.

restore jailbroken iphone 6

Part 3: A Special Way to Restore iPhone Without Losing Jailbreak

Restoring your phone without losing jailbreak is a little harder than restoring it with jailbreak loss, so you do need to make sure that you follow all the steps to the letter if you want the restore process of a jailbroken phone to happen successfully. Most people jailbreak using the Cydia technique, so it’s important to make sure that the Cydia package is already available on your device before proceeding. You need to download and install the Cydia app named iLEX RAT as this will provide Cydia with the recovery features that you need. Installing iLex Rat requires you to add a repo in Cydia. You can do that by tapping on the Manage tab at the bottom, selecting Sources and then hitting the Edit button. Tap the Add button you can find there and enter in the box. Once the app is installed and fully functional you should press the iLEX RESTORE and start the restore process for your phone.

jailbroken iPhone recovery

As you can see, restoring a jailbroken iPhone requires you to be very careful regarding the steps you are performing, because even the slightest wrong step can damage your phone one way or another. So keep resilient and make sure that everything is done to the letter and you will be able to restore your jailbroken phone with or without losing jailbreak. That is up to you and your needs. Backup iPhone Data Before Jailbreaking your iPhone devices Tips: Before jailbreaking your iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5…you must to backup iPhone data to computer or iTunes. To transfer iPhone data to computer,you must to use a third-part iPhone data transfer tool.Here,we recommend you use this

iPhone Data Manager tool or Phone Data Transfer,both allows you backup contacts, text messages, photos, videos,notes,ect from iPhone to computer directly.

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