How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos and Images on Android

Recover WhatsApp images Videos

With more and more funny images and videos for WhatsApp showing up, WhatsApp became more and more popular, also lots of users like sending or receiving images and videos through WhatsApp on Android phones. However, due to improper operation, many users lost their precious photos and videos sent and saved by WhatsApp.

So how to recover lost or deleted videos and photos from WhatsApp attachments on Android? Here are two methods to retrieve deleted WhatsApp images and videos and you can follow the steps below to finish your WhatsApp recovery.

  • Solution one: Recover deleted videos and images from Android with WhatsApp backup
  • Solution two: Retrieve deleted videos and photos on Android without WhatsApp backup

How to recover deleted videos and images from Android with WhatsApp backup

Most people knows that WhatsApp backs up everyday automatically, and if you just lost your WhatsApp pictures and videos within seven days, you can retrieve them with Auto-backup for WhatsApp. Now follow the steps below to do this WhatsApp recovery.

Step 1Uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device.

Step 2Reinstall WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Step 3Click “Restore” when notice is showing on your Samsung or other Android phone.

By now, all the deleted files during seven days are brought back from backup for WhatsApp, including your photos and videos.

Also, if you deleted your WhatsApp videos and photos by deleting your whole chat history, you can view and find these pictures and videos easily. Just go to “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Media”, and you will find folders for audio, video and images you sent or received on WhatsApp.

Advantages of restoring from WhatsApp backup:

1. You can achieve your WhatsApp videos and photos recovery for free.

2. It is easy to operate.

Disadvantage of recovering from backup:

1. You cannot recover WhatsApp videos and images beyond seven days.

2. With this backup restoring method, you may lose your latest WhatsApp files because of data overwrite.

How to recover deleted videos and photos on Android without WhatsApp backup

As mentioned above, you cannot recover WhatsApp files a week ago. So if you have lost WhatsApp profile pictures and video chat history, or cool pictures and videos in WhatsApp seven days ago, these data are gone with the wind. What is a pity! Now, having this Android Data Recovery, you can retrieve deleted videos and pictures on WhatsApp without WhatsApp backup.

Step 1Install the Android Data Recovery and connect with your phone

After downloading the program, install and run it. Then connect your Android phone with computer via USB cable.

Connect Android with Computer

Note: If you connect your Android phone to computer and this app fails to detect it, you need to enable USB debug.

Debug USB

Step 2Scan WhatsApp attachments on Android

When your Android phone is recognized by the software, you can see all the files from the main window. Select WhatsApp Attachments, and click “Next” to scan.

Choose WhatsApp

Step 3Recover deleted videos and images on WhatsApp attachments

After scanning, all the data will be listed in the window. Tap “Only display the deleted item(s)” on top of the right window, and choose the videos and images you want to recover, click “Recover” to get back your WhatsApp videos and pictures.

Recover Images and Videos

When the recovering process is done, WhatsApp videos and pictures are recovered to your computer, and you can get them back to your Android phone or make other operations as you like.

In fact, not only WhatsApp videos/images, this recovery tool could also recover WhatsApp messages on Android and other Android data. Download it and explore more by yourself!

You can learn the steps from the video below:

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