How To Record WhatsApp Video Call on Android/iPhone

Instant mobile messenger giant WhatsApp had recently rolled out video call feature on their service. So, now every WhatsApp users can make free video calls through WhatsApp. And I guess that nowadays, lots of WhatsApp users may think to record WhatsApp video call on their Mobile device. Am I right?

Today I am going to introduce a handy Android application to record your WhatsApp video calls. And also I have provided Software for iPhone users. It specially designed for recording the screen of iOS devices. Using that software, iPhone users also may able to record WhatsApp video calls.

Making a video call over the internet is now simpler than ever. We can quickly make a free video call to anyone from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Formally, Skype was a popular platform to make free video calls. But now it is optional because many messenger services offer to make free video calls.

And the good news is that now WhatsApp also dives into video calling service. It will be most useful for all WhatsApp user. Consequently, now WhatsApp users can simply able make a video call through WhatsApp with few taps. So, If you wish to record a video call while you are talking with your friends or others, then you can easily record your WhatsApp video call using AZ Screen recorder on your Android phone.

WhatsApp Video Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is mainly used to record Android screen of your smartphone. Unfortunately, this app works only with Android Lollipop and above versions. But the best part of this app is that it doesn’t require root permission to record your phone’s screen. And there is no time limit, no watermark. You can also use this app for free without annoying ads. AZ Screen Recorder has designed with simple user interface, and it is very simple to use.

Don’t worry whether you are an Android Jelly Bean or KitKat users. You can record video calls on your KitKat or Jelly been using Mobizen Android app. It is free to use; you can download Mobizen app from Google Play Store using links below

Mobizen For Samsung

Mobizen for other Android phones (LG, Sony, Google, HTC, etc.)

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How To Record WhatsApp Video Call Using AZ Screen Recorder

  1. First, download and install AZ Screen Recorder for your phone.
  2. Tap AZ Screen Recorder from the app drawer. (Once tapped the app icon, you will see a popup widget on the screen. It will always be on top.)
  3. Open your WhatsApp application and make a call to your friend you wish to record.  
  4. Then, tap the recorder icon from the AZ Screen Recorder popup widget. And after ended your conversation, stop AZ Screen Recorder from the notification panel. Whereas, you can open AZ Screen Recorder to record a video call while you are receiving an incoming call on WhatsApp (As in the picture above.) 
  5. That,s it. Now your WhatsApp video call will be saved on your Phone.

Note: Before you recording a video call, make sure if you have enabled record audio feature in AZ Screen Recorder settings. If it is disabled, your video call will be recorded without audio.


To enable audio in your video call, Open AZ Screen Recorder app, And tap on the settings button and go to “Audio Configuration” section, now switch on the button next to “Record audio.”


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Record WhatsApp video calls on iPhone/iPad

If you are an iPhone user and are you still searching an app to record video calls with your iPhone? Don’t worry! You can do it. But it could be little complicated. Because, due to security and privacy reasons, Apple doesn’t allow any app to be able to record the screen although we can use a desktop software to record iPhone’s screen. In this regard, Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder has specially designed for recording the screen of iOS devices. It lets users to mirroring their iOS device’s screen to PC and Mac wirelessly.

In addition to that, Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder software allows you record mirrored iPhone/iPad screen as a video. So, If you are an iPhone user, then can use Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder software to record WhatsApp video calls. Download link is given below to download Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder.

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Final words: Is recording a phone call legal?

It is a simple guide about recording WhatsApp video calls using your Android or iPhone. There could be many innocuous reasons why you might want to record voice calls or video calls. Sometimes it would be quite useful for us to recall our old conversations. However, you should know that recording a phone call without other party consent is illegal in some countries. Thus, before you proceed, read this Wikipedia article to learn about telephone recording laws.

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