How to record Whatsapp call with android and iphone

How to record Whatsapp call with android and Iphone devices, There is no need to introduce to WhatsApp

isn’t it?  Because everyone uses it for chatting with friends family.

Nowadays people are using WhatsApp around 3-4 hours daily. In this youngster are using more to chat with friends family etc.

Some people use WhatsApp for their business like business chatting take to make a group of their client, which is every useful for their business. Recently WhatsApp adds a new feature that is video chatting and WhatsApp calling feature, we can call anyone to your friends and family free.

Many new users joined WhatsApp fro this feature because of the increasing voice call rates, users are happy with this feature. But its user is waiting for something new feature that is Whatsapp Recorder.

Many users are not happy because of there is no WhatsApp record call in our device. This is most common question every WhatsApp user’s mind.

Few month before people are searching for how to record WhatsApp? But there is no feature is available to record the WhatsApp call, but there are many apps to record the WhatsApp call.

After the researched toady I am going to show how to record the WhatsApp call in android devices and iPhone devices.  To solve the user’s problem, I am suggesting few application.

There is much application available on play store and app store but I have selected few of them for you.

Method 1:

1. First, download the Whatsapp Call Recorder application on your Android from here: Download.

2. After downloading, install and open it on your device.

3. Now open Whatsapp and make a call to anyone.

4. After the call connects, open the Whatsapp call recorder application and click the red circle button. Therefore, it begins to record the call.

5. Now, when you want to stop recording, click on the button (square inside the circle) below the red button. 6. Therefore, your call recording is stopped and saved on your SD card.


  1. Download and install the PlayStore Messenger Call Recorder application.
  1. After installing, open the application and ask to activate the “Messenger Call Recorder” from the configuration of the phone. Click ENABLE NOW, it will take you to the Settings where you can enable it.
  1. You can also configure it manually by going to Settings and selecting Accessibility. Under Accessibility, tap Messenger Call Recorder and turn it on.

That’s. Then call the WhatsApp call, you can record it. To find your recordings open the Messenger Call Recorder application and all your WhatsApp call recordings will appear there. You can also share WhatsApp call recording via email, WhatsApp, Skype and more using this application.

WhatsApp call recording on iOS devices:

First, be sure to have Jailbreak on your iPhone, and Cydia installed on it.

  1. Open Cydia from your iPhone.
  2. Open Cydia and search to download Watusi in repo BigBoss, since you already know that it is the best repo for the iPhone.
  3. Watusi s is the premium application so if you want to buy it, your best option otherwise you have to search for free on Google.
  4. After successfully installing the Watusi application, simply open WhatsApp Messenger and go to the configuration.
  5. You will see a new Watusi Preferences option there. Click Record Calls and enable it.
  6. Now, simply make a call to anyone, and your calls will be recorded automatically.
  7. You can get your recorded calls from the Recent Panels button.

All previous methods and applications are exclusively for recording WhatsApp calls and not recording cellular calls or other VOIP calls like Skype, etc.

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