How to Open WhatsApp Messages on PC

In order to open WhatsApp Messages in PC

, You need my steps which i actually listed below. In my Next Post i will give a small & the most useful steps of how to backup whatsapp messages easily (how to recover whatsapp messages). To See WhatsApp Messages Offline , follow the whatsapp backup steps which i am listing below.

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Uses of my Steps in this article – retrieving whatsapp messages on PC :

  • You can simply view all your favourite whatsapp chats just by using your pc(windows).
  • You can backup all your messages/chats/ from whatsapp into computer to get the data safe.
  • You can read all your whatsapp chats or messages conveniently without any requirement of Load More Conversations/Messages Option.
  • You can search any data in your whatsapp data so easily.
  • You can simply all the above with a simple tool which i am specifying here.

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open whatsapp messages on pc

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Messages – Retrieve WhatsApp Data :

  • First Step is to Root your Android Device
  • Second Step is to install Es File Explorer if not Present in Mobile or Android Device.
  • Then Open Es File Explorer, Now you have to swipe left by using your finger & then simply turn on the Root Explorer in order to allow the root permission.
  • Now Navigate to the place where whatsapp is saving it’s data (Phone Memory or SD Card).
  • 1. Then Go to WhatsApp’s Database ( WhatsApp/DataBase ) & then copy the latest encrypted file of Whatsapp into computer/pc (Excitation may be .Crypt8/.Crypt7).
  • 2. Then Navigate to data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key & copy the Key file to PC/Computer.
  • Now Download Whatsapp Viewer Software into PC.
  • UnZip the Downloaded file & Open it , Navigate to the File Option which is at the top left of the whatsapp viewer software.
  • Click on the Decrypt.Crypt8 to decrypt your whatsapp encrypted file.
  • Now select Crypt7 file which downloaded/saved in your PC(see 1 in above points).
  • Now select key file from pc which you saved(see 2 in above points).
  • Now simply click ok option(now a new crypt file will be created on the same path of crypt8 file).
  • Then Navigate to the file Option & then click on the open option.
  • Now Select data.db file & then hit on the ok option.

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